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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Business Checks with VistaPrint

My husband has a full time job and a Disc Jockey business as well. We recently were looking into ways to cut some costs with his DJ business as he is currently not allowed to drive and has had to sub contract others to do his pending jobs for him.

I found a great deal with VistaPrint on business checks that will save us some money as well as let us design our own checks to bring attention to the business. We can order our checks online, choose a template and the colors for the checks. We also determine the font and can add his business logo. What a great advertising tool. His sub contrators will get the checks. They will take them to the bank for cashing, and WHAM, instant advertising to the teller and anyone else who comes across the check. I can't believe I hadn't thought of this before.

With coupon code Checks25 We can get an additional 25% off the already low prices.

The prices are so good at VistaPrint, I'm going to design and get my Christmas cards from them as well. They offer a variety of services from business to personal. If you have any printing needs, I encourage you to check out VistaPrint.

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