Mome reads Mommy, My daughter's way to spell it when she was younger... It stuck. My son calls me Mome... just like it looks. I now sign all my notes to them "Love, Mome". It's our inside secret and makes them smile. I always want them to smile.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My First Award

I know, I know, I'm supposed to be taking the day off. We went to the Air and Space Museum and picked up lunch on the way home, so I have about 30 minutes to check e-mail and post the Great News I found there.

Eric S., from Ruminations of a Small TownMountain Boy, stopped by to give me a nomination for the Briliante Weblog Premio 2008 Award, or the award itself, I'm not sure. I'll have to find out what it is all about. I know I have to nominate 7 other people and pass the award along, but I wanted to post my new award, and I'll figure out the details later (tomorrow).,

Thank you Eric, for my FIRST award.

Back to day off status

... and here is my award

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