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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Home Improvement Blog

I may just have to turn this into a home improvement blog after a visit from the plumber today.

We noticed a water stain on our ceiling directly under one of our bathrooms and thought for sure it was a leak. After checking all around the toilet and tub, and cutting a hole in the ceiling

Side note: Apparently it is NOT a good idea to take pictures of holes being cut in ceilings due to the fact that the flash scares the crap out of "cutter" who assumes they cut an electrical wire (I'm still trying not to laugh).
No leak can be found. However, in looking under the house (crawl space) years of water damage is evident as well as a "cover up" from previous owners and we are now taking bids from contractors to see how much replacing 50% of our floor is going to cost. I will document the events here to try to help others with similar situations and find the most cost effective solution to the problem.
Todays wine will be the Tisdale Chardonnay, and it will probably be before 5!

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  1. Hello, Thanks for the constant drops and comment. I hope the leakage and ceiling are fixed now. Slow with the tisdale,gee! this surely makes me drool.


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