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Monday, October 13, 2008

A Lot to Learn

With all the remodeling we are doing I was looking for different ideas for the kitchen and dining areas, as usual, I got side tracked and found out some things about wine glasses that I did not know, surprising, I'm sure, but none the less, I learned some new things:

Wine glasses should be made of Clear glass. This is so you can clearly appreciate the color of the wine.
(Oops, I really like my amber glasses as well as my pink tinted ones. I guess I won't put those out for company. I do also have "clear" ones, thank goodness)

Good wine glasses taper. They should also be large enough to release the aroma, and should never be filled more than half full.
(I knew that one. Plus, the larger glasses prevent you from making extra trips for refills)

Always use a Stemmed glass. This is so the temperature of the wine will not rise from the heat of your hands.
(Oops again. Did I mention that the amber and pink glasses I am so fond of are also stemless. I find these more convenient with little ones running around the house.)

One last thing that I learned and this is a biggie. Do you know what an oenophile is? I can honestly say that I have never heard that word before and it describes me.

Oenophile (eh-no-fill-ee-uh) is a lover of wine.

So that's the lesson of the day. We will see what tomorrow brings.

Tonight's Wine at Five:
Tisdale Shiraz
Yummy and Cheap!
(served in amber colored, stemless wine glasses)

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