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Monday, October 20, 2008

Address and Cookies and Blast, Oh My

I may have over volunteered with the PTA.  I've had several calls in the last 2 weeks about sub comittee meetings and when and where they'll be held.  It is very frustrating when looking for residences to not have the houses properly marked.  Having the address on the mailbox is my favorite, and the easiest for me to spot (afterall, it is about me right?). 

If you have your mailbox on your porch, or live in a community where the resident's mailboxes are together at the end of the road, then a nice address plaque works well as long as it is in a well lit area like the porch or garage.  Okay, that's my two cents on labeling your house, back to my PTA agenda.

I have to make teddy bear biscuits for the Teddy bear picnic on Friday.  I need to be at the school on the 2nd of November from 1:30 -4:00 for the "Big Blast", a party for all the children who sold at least 5 items in the fundraiser last month.  I have to bake something on the 3rd and have it to the school by 4:00 for the bake sale the following day that I'll also need to spend some time working at.

Is this the norm?  Kindergarten parents wanting to get involved, having no clue what is involved, signing their life, or at least a year of it, away to the PTA?

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