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Monday, October 20, 2008

Customer Service and the Economy

I mentioned in an earlier post that I had looked into a company that would match me up with a
small business franchise that suited my needs. I basically filled out a survey with my expectations, qualities I do and do not possess, and the amount of money and time I was willing to invest. They are supposed to have a counselor call me, but I haven't heard anything. Either my expectations are too high, I do not possess the qualities necessary, or the amount of money I have to invest is not enough. A courtesy call to explain would have been nice.

In this day and age where all businesses are suffering due to the economy, customer service has to be top notch or "shoppers" will take their business elsewhere. I know a lot of us look for the best prices for all purchases, but at what cost? Would you shop somewhere if the staff was unknowledgeable? How about if they are downright rude? I do not desire to be helped when I am shopping, an occasional "Are you finding everything you need?" is fine, but do not hound me. I will leave.

I prefer to do a lot of business on line, such as banking and bill paying. If I want to upgrade or change a service, I do this on line as well. I find it quicker, the information more detailed, and it prevents me from sitting on hold for half my day.

I have a friend who has a toddler and prefers to carry all her stuff in a back pack instead of a diaper bag and purse. She was doing her regular grocery shopping at her regular store and was informed, after 2.5 years, that she would have to leave her back pack at the courtesy desk. I understand that the store has to protect itself from theft, but why should my friend trust all her possessions with the staff of the store? She is currently banning the entire chain, going out of her way, and in some cases, paying more, to avoid changing her habits and leaving the backpack behind.

What would, or has, caused you to stop frequenting a store, restaurant or other service provider?

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