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Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween...Did I offend you?

It amazes me how much things have changed since I was a kid (granted, it was a while ago but still).
I just got back from the grocery store. I went to pick up some white frosting (to dye orange) for the pumpkin cookies the girls and I are making. I thought we could bake them and then when the big kids get home from school, the 4 kids (my 2, plus the Friday rent-a-kid, plus the neighbor) could all decorate them. Something to keep them occupied until "it's time".
Anyway, one of the stores employees came over and asked a) if we celebrated Halloween (yes, we do) and b) if the girls could have some candy (yes, they can).
So at what point did Halloween become such an awful holiday? I understand that some people are offended by what it represents and choose not to be a part of it. They are completely entitled to their opinions, I guess.
When I was a kid, Halloween was the holiday we got to dress in a costume, participate in a parade at school, get lots of special treats, go home, eat dinner, hit the pavement to show off our costumes to our neighbors and get more treats. Period. We didn't learn about the history behind and it didn't matter.
Now it's offensive to some and the kids can't dress up for school. More and more people do not have their porch lights on and it is getting less and less fun for the kids. I have all ideas it will soon be a forgotten sad.

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