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Friday, October 3, 2008

Home Repair (cont.)

We are well into the repairing the floor process. The bid came in less than expected, which is good, because it gives us the opportunity to "upgrade" the original flooring from linoleum to hard wood. I can hardly suppress my excitement. It also looks as though we will be replacing the carpet in the living room and completely redoing the bathroom with a new toilet, vanity and new paint. Originally Hubby wanted to put tile in the bathroom, but based on it's size (very small) I decided I liked the idea of wood in there as well. I've been taking pictures a long the way and will show you what we've done. I think we will be replacing everything but the kitchen sink, since we also plan on repainting the entire downstairs and hope to get all the dark wood trim painted white to brighten up the rooms. The previous owners must have really enjoyed dark wood because all the ceiling molding, base boards, and all the door and window trims are in dark wood. When we were doing Puddin' Pop's room, (by we I mean I) I started to paint the trim, but the windows were a bi$#h with all the cross wood, and I had no idea where to stop on her door as the other side (facing hallway) would still need to be dark to match the rest of the upstairs decor. I think since we already have a contractor here, I'll let him figure it out and do the work.

This is as the linoleum is taken out. I forgot to get a before pic but I'm sure you know what linoleum looks like. It actually get worse before it gets better, but I'll save that for later posts.

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