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Thursday, October 23, 2008

To my Doctor

Dear Ob-Gyn’s,

I sincerely appreciate all you do for all us ladies. I’m sure your job is quite stressful at times as well as possibly quite disgusting, you are truly dedicated people who ensure our “hoo-hoo’s” (my 2 year old’s term for hers) are well looked after.
Childbirth is a miracle, and what you do to support us up to the event as well as during is miraculous as well. Technology has come so far in the past 40 years. My MIL wasn’t even awake during the birth of her only child. I couldn’t't imagine not being a part of that process. Pregnancy tests now come with a digital readout, although for those that get that one because they can’t figure out the +/- or the double -, I really hope the digital reads “negative”, just my opinion though. We have all sorts of great “drugs” to numb the pain, and I am truly grateful for those. We now have birthing “rooms”, fully equipped with a bed for hubby (or mom, or friend), TV, and a jacuzzi tub. We are now encouraged to bring all sorts of relaxing things such as music, candles, and “focus” items. We can get 3 and 4D imaging of our baby while still in the womb, to see exactly what they look like. Every possible test is available to “prepare” us in the event that out child is not born “perfect”, although, I’m sure even the ones that aren’t, are perfect in their parents hearts.
With all this technology, and more to come, I have but one question…Is anything being done to update the method in which a women’s “dilation” is checked? I mean, seriously, there has to be something better than the current test that every member of the staff performs every 15 minutes. Please, while I do not plan on having any more children myself, for the others who will, lets spend a wee bit of time and thought, and a little cash, to develop some type of “gadget” to test this.

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