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Monday, November 24, 2008

A little Nervous...Okay, A LOT

My darling baby girl has had more dental problems in her 2.5 years than most. About a year ago she had fallen and bumped her front teeth on the frame of our bed. There was no blood, and she wasn't screaming in pain, so we didn't think much of it. Then around Christmas she started avoiding chewing anything with the front teeth so we took her to the dentist. They did an x-ray and determined that she had an abscess and would need her front 2 teeth removed. She was 3 months shy of 2. It was an awful experience to hold her while the dentist extracted those teeth and she cries every time she sees him (although she is fine with the hygienists). Two weeks after the extraction, a new tooth arrived in the place of one removed. It wasn't on the x-ray and the Dentist assured me (over the phone) that it could not be a tooth. I took her in and it was indeed a tooth.
Now she has an abscess on one of her back molars and needs a filling. Since she is still quite traumatized by the dentist, they will give her an oral sedative and wait until she falls asleep to do the procedure. Since she will be out, I will not be allowed in the room. They will have her hooked up to monitors to insure her safety, but I can not help be a little frightened at would could possibly go wrong.
Her appointment is first thing tomorrow morning. Wish us luck!

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  1. Keeping you in my prayers. My first fell and did the same thing to his front teeth but the outcome was not the same. Good Luck!


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