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Monday, November 3, 2008

Could this be True?

I mentioned earlier that Hubby had a seizure at work. His coworkers called 911 and I met him at the hospital. He had a similar episode 3 months ago, but the only witness was our 2 year old, so we had no idea it was a seizure (although assume it was, now) and thought he had just passed out, or tripped and fell, or fell asleep. He spent 4 days in the hospital on the first episode and they ran every test they could and found nothing. Now that we know it was a seizure, hopefully we will get some answers. Hubby actually spoke with the individual who was closest to him when the event occurred and the following is what we were told:

Hubby was in line for a potluck lunch they were doing at work, he was telling a story about the night before when he was trying out and prank calling some friends (the kids were not home to witness this act, thank goodness). So in the middle of the story, with a fork in each hand (not sure why) he stopped talking and went blank. Other co-workers thought he was just goofing around (that's what happens when you constantly play pranks on people) but the gentleman he had been talking to (an ex military man) claims that just before falling to the floor, Hubby was tapping S.O.S. on the 2 forks? Could this be possible? Hubby claims that he doesn't even know Morse code, but I'm sure somewhere in the back of his mind, he once knew. Every kid with a set of walkie talkies learned this code as they played. Is it possible that his subconscious took over and it was his signal for help? Or was the gentleman just hearing what he thought was a plea for help? I'm not sure we will ever know but I thought it was bizarre and interesting enough to share.


  1. Wow! I hope everything is okay with your hubby!

  2. SOS, that is so strange. I hope everything is ok!

  3. Weird...hopefully they'll get him straightened out. Hope he's not driving for a while-especially with the baby!


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