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Friday, November 21, 2008

Fire in the Neighborhood

The other day as I was leaving to walk to the corner to get Boogie from the bus stop, I noticed smoke billowing up over the tree line and the back of our cul de sac. I'm not a good judge of distance and was curious as to where it was coming from. They are building a new outdoor mall a couple miles away and I thought it was coming from there.

I continued to watch as I waited for the bus and noticed that as cars drove down the street, they were all looking towards the smoke, apparently it was visible for a good distance. When my neighbor came around the corner from picking her daughter from school, she dropped of her daughter with me and went in search of the information we craved.

The fire was a couple blocks away. She could not get close enough to see the full damage. We later found out (from the evening news) that a fire had started in the garage of a residence. The owner and his neighbor had attempted to put the fire out with garden hoses before calling the fire department. By the time the Fire trucks arrived, the house was pretty much gutted.
It was tragic. To lose everything, and right before the holidays, my heart goes out to this elderly couple.

My neighbor and I were later discussing the damage and all that comes after such a tragic event like, how do you get all that water out of your house? You know I had to look that up.

I found a company that specializes in water removal. Who knew? is a company that specializes in water removal, smoke restoration, sewage backup , and mold remediation. They are available 24/7 for emergency service and can be at most locations within 30 minutes.

I think knowing in a tragic situation that you can get help fast to try and salvage what is left, may just be the brightest side of such an awful event.

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