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Friday, November 14, 2008

I'm going to learn Chinese

Have you ever wanted to learn a Foreign language? I know way back (yes, way) in High School. we had the option of Spanish or French. I took French for 2 years and didn't retain a lick of it. I though it might be fun to learn a language now, and found a site where I can Learn Chinese absolutely free. That's a price I can afford. offers a comprehensive program, to make it easy for anyone to learn. They have broken down the program into 10 lessons and have the lessons in printable format. They include flash cards (you print from your computer), puzzles (to make it fun), and an online practice guide. They have also listed other great tools that you can (but do not have to) purchase to help you further.
The first lesson teaches you how to say"hello", ask someone "How are you?", and respond to ."How are you". The site is easy to navigate and explains the fundamentals and reasons for their approach. While I think I'll be able to speak a few words shortly, and possibly even read some Chinese, I'm not sure I'd ever be able to write Chinese,
Join me in this adventure of learning and learn Chinese.


  1. Somehow, learning Chinese sounds a lot more difficult than learning Spanish or French. Maybe it is because of the written Chinese characters. I dropped out of French class in 7th grade. I barely passed Spanish in 9th grade. I am tempted sometimes by the Rosetta Stone commercials that I see on TV and the ads in magazines to try Spanish again. Good luck with learning Chinese. I found you through Entrecard.

  2. I think I should learn Spanish first; both of my kids have learned, and it would be fun to have a conversation. Chinese, huh? You are a brave one!

  3. nice blog... best of luck in your chinese adventures!

  4. thanks for dropping by surviving korea, keep in touch

  5. I have heard also that the Chinese language is very difficult because of its structure.


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