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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Layaway options for the holidays


Wow.  I didn't even know stores still did layaways.  What a great plan to get the things you want need for the holidays without breaking the bank.

Sears launched their holiday layaway program 2 days ago and it applies to most items in the store, including sale items.  With  Sears Layaway, you can pick your items out now, Put a cash down payment of 20% or $15, whichever is greater, you can then make regular payments until the item(s) are paid off (up until December 23rd) and then take them home.

I was looking at their sale items and found some stuff for my layaway.  I think the most inviting thing about layaway is the fact that someone else can "hold on to your stuff", so sneaky little kids can't find their gifts ahead of time.  Here's what I've picked out so far:

Boogie is in desparate need of jeans.  He went from size 3t to 5t last school year, so I'll have to get a couple different sizes this year to last the rest of the year.

Puddin' Pop LOVES her Princess nightgowns, but it's getting a little cold (since I really haven't turned the heat on yet) for those and I know she will love this.  At 50% off, Mommy loves it too.

For Hubby (okay, maybe for both of us) I picked out this microwave.  Our built in one stopped working months ago (it smelled like an electric fire, with no flames, thank goodness) and we pulled a counter top one out of the attic.  I would really like my counter top space back and am sure Hubby agrees that I should have more space.

I'll save $80 on this microwave.  By putting it on layaway, I'm giving Hubby notice, and time, to get the other one out of the wall so I don't lose even more space by the new one "sitting" on the counter waiting for it's spot.



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