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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Making it Easier to Blog

Blog Pictures

I mentioned earlier about not being happy with a certain webhost for one of my other blogs. While I am mostly satisfied with the blogger platform, there is one issue I have. It may only be my issue, as I have not figured a better way, which there may or may not be, to upload pictures to my posts. Whenever I use a picture in a post, I use the image uploader and it always places the image at the top of the page. I then have to put it in its appropriate place for my post and this usually causes extra spacing that I then have to go back and remove. If I use several images, I usually have to edit several times as it will look fine until I publish, then it gets all out of wack and I have to go back and add spacing to get the pictures to align correctly. Again, this may just be me, but it's frustrating, regardless, and time consuming.

I just joined acobox and love the ease of using their pictures. Firstly, they have an abundant amount of pictures to choose from. They've broken down their selections into categories such as panorama, monochrome, people, animals and more. You can also use the search feature to find what you are looking for. All their pictures are approved for use, so I will not have to worry about copyright infringements and best of all, the blog pictures I chose to use all have a simple code to cut and paste, so I can put them wherever I want in my posts without having to do all the editing I was doing before.

The picture here is from acobox, as well as the picture in my previous post. The only downside I can foresee is the time I will spend marveling at all the beautiful panoramic and landscaping pictures they have. They are truly breathtaking.

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