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Monday, November 17, 2008

Rebuilding America for only $25

Do you have investments? Are you worried about the state of the economy and the impact on your current investments? Have you failed to invest due the minimum required to invest? All of these are questions we are currently facing as a society. Money is tight in a lot of households and having extra to invest in your future may not even be an option...until now.

Rebuilding of America has started a program to help jump start the economy by offering investors a minimum investment of just $25. They are a family owned business with over 25 years of experience in construction, refurbishing, property development and tenant leasing. Their goal is to use the money from investors to buy foreclosed construction projects from the banks that are burdened with the loss of revenue in defaulted mortgages. They then plan to turn the properties into viable commercial income producing properties.

I really like this idea for several reasons. I like the idea of investing, but often cringe at the minimum amounts necessary (too much of a gamble). I also like that by taking on projects, they are creating jobs, thus helping the economy and individuals. I have $25, and could spend it on a lot of other non-producing "investments", so why not try this out? I also think it would make a nice gift for the Holidays.

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