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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Smell the Smoke? See the Lightbulb? I Have an Idea!

So I was trying to figure out how to finish the bathroom project. With the new wood floors and a beautiful new vanity and commode, I still need to figure out what color(s) to paint. I do know one thing. Hubby and I are very tired of all the dark wood trim throughout the house. We figure we'll start in the bathroom and move on from there (a small project may get us motivated).

I must also add that I tried to paint the dark trim in Puddin' Pop's room when we were getting ready for her arrival and never got any further than the primer...she's 2.5. I just do not have the patience to tape off, and paint all that trim (crown molding, baseboards, and especially the windows).
The trim currently looks like this:

I must add that this is the crown molding in every room of the

When the contractor was finishing up the floor we had mentioned that we wanted to do away with the dark trim and since he had already pulled out the base boards, he was nice enough to paint them before putting them back in. IDEA #1 : Take the trim down, paint, replace.

Here's the painted baseboard:

Looks good right? No taping and meticulously painting so as not to ruin the new floor (which would surely be my luck).

However, on further inspection, I noticed this:

It may be hard to see, but the wood is split. If a professional can do that, I'm pretty sure I would too. I also wonder if he thought we wouldn't notice. It's directly in front of the toilet so you have a perfect view while "sitting."

So now for my Light bulb moment...IDEA #2: Take down the crown molding, throw away, buy some in white, and put up!!! What took me so long to figure this out I will never know, but it is my new brainchild, and I will make it happen, even if for now it's only the bathroom.
My New Partner in Crime...InvitingHome
I found the molding I want at, I have all ideas that this site is going to get me into trouble. While I'm not necessarily a "decorator" by nature, this site has inspired me. They have a blog, useful tips, decorating ideas and installation guides. The site is easy to navigate and is broken down into categories that make finding exactly what you want an easy thing to do. However, don't be surprised if their extensive inventory makes it hard to choose. They have everything from molding to furniture, and their decorating ideas will set your house apart from all the rest. If you are looking for a new and creative design for a room, this is the place. I know that all the houses in our cul de sac are pretty much the same...not for long if I can help it.
I picked the California Crown Molding. I can't show a picture here because it is a copyright infringement, but check the link, I think It's going to look great.
Now here's the "I'm going to get myself in trouble" part. I love candles, especially in the winter, it just makes the house feel cozy to me. I, however, do not enjoy chasing the kids around begging them not to blow out the candles. We give them candles every year on their birthday cakes and tell them to make a wish and blow them out, why shouldn't they get wishes all year? (That's what I believe they are thinking) So...
I saw these lovely Corbels. They are all the rage right now, and can add "class" to any furniture design. (the site allowed me to copy this pic, hope it's okay)

I'm thinking (more smoke, I know), I can get 2 of these and a wood shelf to create a high shelf (out of the kids reach) and have a lovely candle display. Before you warn me about soot stains on the ceiling I have 2 words for you SOY CANDLES. My bestest neighbor makes them, and makes me any scents I want.
If you are looking to add some flair to your house, whether you are a decorator by nature...or NOT (like me), Check out They have the ideas, the tools, and the inspiration to make any house...(wait for it)...Your Home.

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