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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The US Post Office, Barack Obama, and Sears


What do they all have in common?  They've taken away our excuses!

For years after I moved away from home, I was awful at getting Birthday, Father's Day, and Christmas presents home in time for the special occasions.  I dreaded going to the post office and would often hand deliver the gifts when I saw the appropriate recipients, several months later, when they came to visit or I made a trip home.  Now the postal carrier will pick up the packages  right from my front door (or wherever I choose to leave it).  My packages are always on time now.  I also have been known to order gifts online and have them sent directly to the recipient.  Either way, no more excuses.

While I haven't found a way to express my views on Barack Obama becoming President without offending, I will say that He has taken away a lot of the excuses we hear from people who have chosen not to better themselves.  No more excuses People.

Now, for the person in your life, who is just to busy to buy Christmas (or whatever Holiday you celebrate) gifts, Sears has launched a revolutionary excuse buster called Sears2Go Text SHOP to 73277 or go to from your mobile phone and you can get most all the benefits of shopping online.  You can browse categories, get product reviews, make purchases and much more.  If you decide to pick up your purchase from a local store, they will even text you when your order is ready.  How cool is that?

So if you know this "I'm too busy" person, tell them Sears just took away their excuse.



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