Mome reads Mommy, My daughter's way to spell it when she was younger... It stuck. My son calls me Mome... just like it looks. I now sign all my notes to them "Love, Mome". It's our inside secret and makes them smile. I always want them to smile.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

In 2008....

Puddin Pop turned 2
Boogie turned 5 and started Kindergarten
Hubster and I both turned 40 (I was first)
I started blogging, and can't seem to stop
Hubster passed out...twice (actually had seizures, but we didn't know it until the second episode)
Hubster lost his driving privileges due to above episodes
My Wicked Step Mother (her preferred name of choice) got her assist dog, Colonel (Thanks Paws)
Puddin Pop had 3 teeth pulled (two separate visits)
Got a Wii Fit
Got on Myspace and Facebook
Made new friends and connected with old ones
Enjoyed lots of wine
Tried to eat healthier
Had more sex than the year before

It's been a pretty good year, and I look forward to spending 2009 with each of you. Be safe and prosper in 2009!

Yummy Chocolates

I know. I'm probably jumping the gun. It is still December, at least for another 11 hours, but it's never too early to start planning the next Holiday and I'm not talking about New Years. I'm talking about the lovers holiday, Valentines Day.

I found a great sale on Valentine Chocolate over at Gertrude Hawk Chocolates. 50 - 75% off is always an eye catcher. I'm fond of dark chocolate as I enjoy the flavor and Hubster does not, so it sticks around longer than milk chocolate.

You can never go wrong with a salty/sweet combo. I could eat chocolate dipped pretzels all day long. Gertrude Hawk has these and several other fine chocolates and gourmet accessories. They offer a variety of packages and a make-your-own basket option as well as gift cards. With so many choices of chocolates and gourmet snacks, putting together a basket for that special someone will be a breeze. You can select the basket, bow, and what goes in it. Or you can get one of their pre-made baskets if you choose. Great for Valentine's Day, or just to brighten up someone's day. Head on over to see the selection for yourself and remember to get me some of these, please

My Problems with Facebook

I'm having some misgivings about Facebook and I'll tell you why.

I joined FB a long time ago, looking for someone, I couldn't even tell you who, because I don't remember.

Then, a couple months back, a Junior High friend (that I'm still friends with now) decides to join and gets everyone we know to send me a request to join. I log in,, and actually start using my previous account and start reconnecting. Two days later, the above mentioned friend calls and says she can't see me on FB. I'm not really concerned, haven't had much time to socialize on FB and when I log in I'm still there.

2 months go by.

Now I hear that more people are on FB and I take a look, or try to, only to find out that I do not exist. My email is not registered. I guess FB had a dislike for me and deleted my account.

I resign up and find out that above mentioned friend is not only FB friends with my little brother, but is also FB friends with my FATHER? I didn't know dad was on FB. So now I'm curious. I've been on for 3 weeks now and here are my concerns:

1) Above mentioned friend is gung-ho on FB and posting old Jr. high and HS pics of all her included (not so flattering)

2) Friend is also tagging me in pics with my HS boyfriend (Hubster is NOT impressed)

I also find my self looking through friend's lists to see who they have reconnected with. I then decide who to send a request to and who to wait on for them to make the first move. Is that crazy? I'm not sure why I feel that way. It just seems as though being friends should be their decision.

Overall I guess the network is okay. I'm still trying to figure some parts out. I like getting drinks from friends, although the orange soda and hot chocolate I've received didn't do the trick. I've saved 2 square feet of rain forest, that's pretty cool and I'm also keeping up with current friends. It only took Dad 2 weeks to accept my friendship request, how should I feel about that?

Monday, December 29, 2008

Movie Night

We have movie night. Better referred to as Mommy isn't going to cook or do dishes night. It happens every Friday. We order pizza, I usually try and make cookies or brownies during the day for our chocolate fix, and if I don't, we end up picking up all the fixings for ice cream sundaes.

The movies we watch vary. We've watched all the new Christmas specials lately like Merry Christmas Drake and Josh. Sponge Bob had a Christmas show, while not an actual movie, we've watched that a couple (hundred) times too. We love the classics like The Wizard of Oz and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (with Gene Wilder, NOT Johnny Depp). Sometimes it's an animated movie, and sometimes we pick out a movie with a more relevant message. Something to inspire young minds like Seabiscuit.

We've all seen the ads for All Roads Lead Home . It really does look like a movie for the whole family. One with a spirit of family. A movie to evoke all our emotions. The best movies, for me, are ones that will make you laugh and in the next scene have you sobbing like a baby. But I said before, I like to do my crying in private. Not because I'm ashamed to cry or don't want anyone to see me, I just hate it when I get all emotional and then have to explain why, like I would probably have to do for my 5 and 2 year old while watching this movie. I think I'll rent it and enjoy it for myself...until the kids are a little older.

I'm Home Alone

Yep. Monday. Oldest is out of school and the Hubster is on vacation. I let him know that the kids would really enjoy doing some Daddy stuff and that I really needed to get some cleaning done. I've swept the hallway.
I'm watching Secret Millionaire. Have you seen this show? Makes me cry each time. I enjoy my cries in private, nothing like a kid or spouse to walk in at a tender moment and screw it all up. You just can't get it back no matter how many times you rewind.
I really should clean something or I may not get time alone again. I think I'll start on getting the ornaments off the tree so it can go out too. Then I'll vacuum, that will make it look like I did a LOT! Now I just need to figure out where to put all the gifts that are being stored under the tree for lack of other space. Hmmm.

Game Playing

I admit it.
I love to play video games. Mostly I play on my laptop or our desktop. I like the Wii games, but we only have 2 controllers so I usually let the boys play. Plus I'm more into the puzzle and thinking games, and they like the shoot 'em up games. I try to restrict my game play to Sunday evenings, otherwise I would get nothing done.

I like to try the newer games and have found that mac games and more is a good site to get my favorite games. I can get Solitaire for mac, which I like to play while watching TV, Zuma for mac which I like to play while the other adult in the house is watching stupid TV like pimp my ride or those even dumber sweet 16 parties of the rich and not-so-famous. It's addicting. The kids enjoy this one too, although only in the early levels.

At I can find reviews of games, screenshots of games, to decide if they are worthy of downloading, iPhone games, that I can download to the hubsters phone, and free software and downloads for mac. If you're working with a mac and like games, check the site out for new releases and downloads.

Let's Talk Gifts

Christmas is over. The tree is still flooded with gifts, although now they are open. We've played with them all for the last couple days and now I will tell you about them.

The Not so Good
Puddin Pop received two little play sets. One, a mini barbie castle, and the other is an underwater mermaid and sea life set. Both are pretty "cheap". The barbie thingy has clouds for barbie to ride in, but one won't stay in the top part and keeps falling off, also this toy makes music that we are all tired of listening to. The mermaid castle thingy looked great in the box. A mermaid lost her head while trying to get her out of the package, super glue got it back on but...I think this toy will get hours of play in the bath tub as I can't see any other fun function for it. If it's a tub toy, I won't have to continue to get frustrated that the mermaids won't sit at their vanity, no matter what position I put them in.

The Big Hits
Boogie's Nintendo DS has been enjoyable for all of us. It's a good thing he's sleeping in this morning, because his dad was up playing Super Mario all night and had he gotten up at his regular time, he would have probably been upset that his battery was dead.
Puddin Pop got a whole Potato Head Family. Big Potato heads with little ones inside, we've played with those for hours and even tried on a couple of smiles on ourselves. It comes in a supersized potato head to keep all the pieces together. This will get a ton of play since there are plenty of pieces for friends and family to play along.

The "What was I thinking?"
Baby Alive? In potty training mode? I should have thought this out better. Puddin Pop kept saying she wanted the baby that peed. I figured that since she's in the potty training phase herself it should be fun. I should have thought a little more. Right out of the box, we fed her, gave her a bottle, and her diaper leaked and she peed on my leg. I have a 5 year old who doesn't like public restrooms and has come home from school on occasion with poop in his pants (that's another post) and a 2.5 year old who refuses to poop anywhere but the potty (thank goodness) but loves to take off her clothes and pee on the furniture, behind the furniture, and anywhere that strikes her fancy, do I really need a third baby peeing and pooping for me to take care of? Sure, everyone wants to feed her, but no one wants to change her diaper, or clean the potty after she "goes" in it.
I think this doll would be perfect for the child (4 and up) of an expecting mother. Mother and child could go through all the feedings and diaper changes together. For us, everyone has been warned about waking the baby. We must get more diapers before anyone messes with her. She only came with 2 and 2 packets of food (that's not so bad) but she's had the same diaper on for days and no one is allowed to touch her, and definitely not allowed to give her a bottle, until we get more diapers. I'm not sure when I'll get around to that.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Act Now - To Save a Life

If you are pregnant, or know someone who is pregnant, the following information could save a life of someone you love.

Cryo-Cell is the leading family cord bank and has more quality accreditations than any other private cord blood bank. They are currently offering a large discount on processing, testing and first years storage. A discount of $725 and the cancellation fee will be waived if you or the receiver is not fully satisfied with their service.

Research has shown that cord blood stem cells can be used to treat over 70 different known diseases and have been used in over 8,000 transplants worldwide. I know this issue is controversial to some, but I am all for research doing whatever can be done to minimize the affects of the overwhelming amount of diseases that are cutting short the lives of our loved ones.

Make sure to discuss the options with your Doctor. I know the services of Cryo-Cell were available when both my children were born, the pricing was, however, not something we could put into our budget. I don't remember my doctor discussing this option with me, however we did decide to donate the cord blood of both children at the time of birth.

If you would like to take advantage of this great offer, use code D995. You must act fast, this offer is only good through midnight tonight. It would make an excellent gift for the pregnant woman in your life, and the unborn child she is carrying.

Taken Advantage of?

Do you ever feel taken advantage of?

I have a friend that I've known for years. We used to work together and have continued our friendship through her moving away, and moving back. The birth of her two children, followed by the birth of my two. We try to get together at least once a month for lunch. We used to get the boys together more often, but busy schedules have made that more difficult to do.

The other day she asked if I would mind watching her boys for a couple hours last night. She has a monthly church potluck and was without child care for her 7 and 9 year old. The potluck was to be from 6:30 to 8:30 ish. I thought, sure. Boog would love to hang out with the boys and what was a couple hours. I figured 6-9, as she only lives 15 minutes away.

Yesterday she called to say she would bring the boys by around 4:30. I asked "why so early" as I thought the potluck started at 6:30. The part she left out was that the potluck was at her house. She wanted time to get everything ready. She picked the boys up at 10pm.

I'm always willing to help out friends, but feel it would have been nice to get all the information up front. I feel as though I may have been taken advantage of. My husband thinks this particular friend is always looking out for her own best interest and does this often. I think I'm just nice, don't keep tabs on who keeps who's kids when, and just like to offer help when needed.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Heroes Helping Heroes

I have a friend who received the only thing she wanted for Christmas.  She gets to spend it with her husband.  Her husband gets to spend Christmas with his children.  After 15 long months in Iraq, he was fortunate to arrive home early Friday morning (2 am early).  They are the fortunate ones, and they know it.

Several soldiers will not get the chance to spend the holidays with their families this season, and some that will, will not be the same people that left so long ago, and there are still others who willl never come home.  I can not possibly imagine what these families go through at the Holidays and all year long, but I'd like to lend support.

Sears heroes at home wish registry offers me the opportunity to say Thank You to these families that sacrifice so much all year long.  With over 30,000 families currently registered, Sears is granting wishes for these patriotic families and giving them what they need for the Holidays.  Wishes will be granted through gift cards to purchase items on their list.  The donations are NOT tax deductible, but that didn't deter me.  The ability to give back to families that risk so much, is an honor and a priviledge.

Won't you do your part?





Fund Raising that Adds Up

I'm not a huge fan of the school fund raisers.  It's not that I have anything against raising money for the school, it's just such a different breed of canvassing than it was when I was a kid.  I was extremely competitive and would go out for hours door to door, to raise money for the cause.  Door to door is no longer an option, and instead, Parents are encouraged to take flyers to work and solicit co-workers and employers, thus taking away the responsibility from the children.


Boogie came home with a fund raiser to support St. Jude.  One of my favorite charities that I support all year long.  It's a math-a-thon.  Children are encouraged to get sponsors either for a flat fee or per math question.  When they go back to school in January, they will receive their booklets (age appropriate) and have 3 weeks to complete between 200 and 250 math problems.  I look forward to helping Boog with his problems.  They had an option of doing the problems online, but I figured, at 5, having the booklet would be much easier.

We look forward to completing all the questions and raising some money for a very worthy cause.


I'm not a shoe collector. I know, huge gasps. I have shoes, obviously, but I'm not a connoisseur. I buy shoes when I need them. I think this stems from all my years working 50-60 hours a week in a restaurant. I went through shoes like mad, and refused to spend a lot on shoes that would just end up getting trashed with food and grease.

I do not work in a restaurant anymore, so...

I'm checking out shoes. I figure spending a little more on some nice shoes or boots (I really want boots) isn't that tragic since they will probably be with me the rest of my life. My step mom is highly upset that I can just pick a pair off the shelf, or order online, and never have a problem with fit. She has to special order shoes for her feet (read: boats).

I'm really in love with these Ralph Riding Boots by dani black shoes. I like them in Espresso, but they also come in black. They are fully leather lined and were featured in Self magazine. The coolest part is that they are currently 30% off.

I think the last pair of boots I owned were Moon boots, I was probably 12. I despised those things. My parents took my little brother out to pick out some boots, and for some reason figured if they were good enough for him, I would love them too. NOT! I would put them on, only because I was not allowed to leave the house without them (even though there was no snow on the sidewalks or streets), I would take them off in the garage, put on my flats (no socks) and walk to the bus stop. When I got home I would put them on, stomp in the snow in the yard (for effect) and stomp my way into the house.

Yeah, I'm definitely ready for some grownup boots.

Throwing Stuff Together

I had made a huge bag of popcorn for Boogie's school party, and while we all love popcorn, I wanted to do something a little more festive with it for the holidays. I had it in a brown paper bag and decided it would be really good with some chocolate drizzled over it. I melted some chocolate chips and poured the mix in the bag, and shook it up real good. Tasted it. It still needed something. Melted a whole bag of butterscotch chips, and poured that mixture over the popcorn. I shook and mixed it all up, set it out on aluminum foil to "dry" and Oh My! This is very delicious. I think I could use green and red candy melts to make it really festive, but it's tasty with the butterscotch.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Do you Whiten your Teeth?

It seems as years go by, as much as we'd like to pass along the message that it's what is on the inside that counts, we constantly see adds for enhancing our outer beauty. Now I'm all for being all you can be, although I do not regularly practice this philosophy. I'd rather run around in comfortable pants and sweatshirts. Then when it's time to get dressed up and put on makeup, the effect is all that more dramatic.

Teeth Whitening seems to be really popular. Some go to their dentist to have it done, while others use at home products like celebrity sexy white, and other over the counter whitening systems. From trays to painted on whitener, the options are endless. I have tried the painted on types, they work, but I prefer to just use a whitening toothpaste, it fits my lifestyle better. I never forget to brush my teeth.

I think a smile is a wonderful thing. But I've seen some overdone whites that, against a fake 'n bake tan, look downright ridiculous. Mine are not overly white, could be a little whiter, but I'm not fanatical about it.

Do you whiten your teeth? Would you? Does it depend on the state of your teeth to begin with? I guess if someone had less than straight teeth, they may not want to draw attention to that attribute and instead would accent some other feature. I spent several years in braces, so maybe I should do a better job of showing off my chompers.

Please Tell the Kids

Some one please inform my children that it is Winter break!

On a normal day, I get up between 5:30 and 6:00. I get about an hour to get some stuff done before Puddin Pop gets up, usually between 6:30 and 7:00. I have to wake Boogie around 7:10. So someone please explain to me why PP got up at 6:00 this morning and Boog followed at 6:15. It's Sunday. I wasn't planning on getting up before 7:00. It's my day to sleep late.

I'm also not the friendliest person before coffee, so usually I'm bright eyed and bushy tailed by the time the kids get up. Maybe if they see the "before coffee" me a couple mornings, they'll stay in bed longer...or wake their Dad.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Overachieving Friends

I have a friend that is currently working as an OB nurse at one of the local hospitals. Apparently everyone is having babies, as she has been quite busy the last couple months. I know that nursing is a very in-demand profession right now. It reportedly will be for years to come. Like teaching, I think it is a thankless job, and the individuals in these professions should be paid much more.

Sara is currently taking online classes through St. Xavier's MS nursing program. She will receive her Masters with the hope of teaching when she is done. She enjoys the flexibility of online classes since she works three 12 hour shifts a week and has a three year old son. To complete the course, she will do a weekend on campus in Chicago, and looks at it as a mini-vacation. I guess compared to running a household, taking classes, raising a 3 year old and working, a weekend out of town, just doing school work, WOULD be a vacation.

Good Luck Sara. Hopefully you will be less busy in a year or so, and have time to actually do lunch.


We have a man in our neighborhood that goes ALL OUT every Christmas. It's rumored that his power bill for the month of December is over $1000, but apparently he used to work for the power company, so maybe they give him a discount. All month long people come to see what has been added. They park their cars and walk in amazement at the time and effort, as well as the end result.

Other people in the same neighborhood are decorating to extremes as well, but none have even come close as of yet.

This is one of our traditions. Driving over and gawking at all the lights. Boog decided he'd take some pictures this year. It's hard to fit all the lights into one picture, but here's a couple different angles...for your enjoyment.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ultimate Social Experiment

I joined a group on Facebook today.  I joined Facebook 3 days ago (I'm a MySpace gal).  The group is called The Ultimate Social Experiment and is being used as a platform to increase awareness of third world countries lack of money to provide education to their children.  Here is a copy of the mission from facebook:

Every year, 121 million children in third world countries do not receive the education they need to escape poverty. In an effort to increase awareness of this fact, a school will be built for children in poverty when this group reaches 1.21 million members.

When the number is reached, members of this group will be able to vote to determine where the school will be built between Sri Lanka, Sierra Leone, China or Kenya.

The fund will cover the entire cost of building the school and all of the infrastructures needed to run the school. The contribution will be made in this group’s name (Ultimate Social Experiment) through Free the Children (info below).

Apparently there was an overwhellming concern as to the legitimacy of this group so the disclosed the benefactor of this project Life Changing Apparel. 

If you are on facebook, you can find the group here:  Ultimate Social Experiment.  If you are not on facebook, it might be worth joining to find out how you can help the cause.



Wednesday, December 17, 2008

More Energy, Lose Weight, and Feel Calm?

Could this be possible?
I am not a fan of diet pills. I may have taken a few in a past life, but I figure if I'm to lazy to exercise, and have no self restraint to eat less and better, than what is a pill going to do for me? Plus I really only need to lose 15-20 pounds, so I really should do it the healthy way to insure it stays off.
I'm not sure what I was looking for, but I came across a site discussing the benefits of
Fentraphen. Apparently the active ingredients are Synephrine, a stimulant (so I'll have more energy, or at least be more awake), Chromium Picolinate, which is used to regulate insulin levels and therefore helps with fat loss, and Phenethylamine, commonly referred to as the "love drug" which supposedly has a calming effect. Seriously? I'll take some just for the other benefits. Could this be true? Have you tried it? I really need to know!

Holy Snowflake Suckers

I've been busy. For a day and a half now I've been making chocolate suckers for the Holiday Party at Boog's school tomorrow. I was fortunate to receive money from most of the parents to go towards the snacks, gifts for the teachers, and goodie bags (which I'm not doing). My neighbor was not so lucky. I also have a co-room parent who is helping and bringing a craft for the kids to do. My poor neighbor has received no money, no one has volunteered to help, and she has 6 more students than I do...ouch, so we made a trade. She was kind enough to make candles for the teacher's gifts, she makes soy candles and in wonderful scents. I will make suckers for her class as well.
The suckers are what we are giving in place of a goodie bag. The teachers sent a note saying we were doing goodie bags, but I personally do not want any more dollar store crap at my house, so the kids will each get 3 suckers, and a craft to take home.
Here is what one sucker looks like:

Here is 150:

Monday, December 15, 2008

Give a Vacation for Christmas

Anyone taking a holiday vacation?

I have a friend who always takes a trip while the kids are out of school. She and her hubby have purchased several timeshare weeks and usually take 3-4 vacations a year. I'm not really into the whole timeshare thing, but she swears it is beneficial for two reasons. One reason is the affordability, paying over several years and then "owning" the week. The second is that since the weeks are paid for, they are more likely to take the family vacations than if they were doing the planning and paying each year.

I would love to go somewhere for a couple days with Hubby and the kids. Having Boog out of school for two weeks is going to be a challenge if I don't find things to keep them busy. Hubby is supposed to be off for the week between Christmas and New Years, so I started looking into affordable, not to far, options.

Gas prices are favorable for car travel. We have family in NC that we may visit, and I was looking for other things to do and found fun things to do in New Jersey . We visited Morey Piers at the end of the Summer and the kids had a blast. A Jersey Shore beach Vacation is always an option, but the kids love the water, and it's a little cold for that. So we are still trying to decide.

While researching these possibilities, I found that Morey Piers has some excellent specials now through January 9. They have seriously slashed their season pass prices and offer some fabulous packages that offer a variety of activities at extremely reasonable prices. I'm thinking of stocking stuffers and the promise of another fun weekend at the beach this summer.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

My Daughter is much Sweeter than Me...For Now

Earlier this morning the kids were a little rambunctious. Boogie decided to convince his sister that smacking Dad was a good idea. She complied and HE immediately got sent to time out. She went to join him. Hubby kept telling her to leave her brother alone, we didn't bother people in time out, blah, blah, blah. She kept saying "I did it." Hubby continued to sit on the couch and tell her to leave her brother alone, she refused to budge. He finally got up and went to get her off the steps. He said, "You need to leave your brother alone, he's in time out" She again said "I did it." and refused to budge. I think the light bulb finally went off in Dad's head. "Oh, you want to be in time out because you're the one who smacked me?" She said "yes." Her brother was removed from time out and she did the remainder of her time.

Not what I would have done.

I remember as a child, having one zero tolerance rule that we had to live by. NO HITTING GIRLS. I was the girl, sandwiched between an older and younger brother, and I worked this rule to my advantage for years. I would torment and antagonize my brothers to the point that they had no choice but to hit me...then I would tell. It didn't matter that I had "made" them do it, it was the rule and they broke it. I would giggle inside as they got sent to their room. I realized I had all the power and never looked back. I could threaten to say they hit me and they would comply to whatever my wish was. It was glorious.

Looking back, I still chuckle that they couldn't figure it out. I think my brothers are still afraid of me to this day. Not really afraid, maybe in awe. They know I still hold the power and can get them to do whatever I want. I no longer abuse my power, but instead use it for good. I remind them each Father's Day to call our Father, even if they are on the outs and don't want to, they do it for me. Same thing goes for Dad's birthday. They know I'll check to make sure it's done too. They do not even live in the same state as me, but they know who's boss and do what I ask. Isn't that sweet?

How is it that such a conniving, manipulating little girl, could grow up to earn the respect of all the men in her life? My brothers have not spoken since our mother passed away 10 years ago. They didn't have any disagreement, they were just never close and neither wants to put the effort forth to contact the other. Sad really. They do not on their own reach out to our father, they need the nudge from me. For different reasons, they hold resentment against the one parent who is willing and able to be a part of their lives. Yet they both, and Dad too, reach out to me on a regular basis. Why do you think that is? I think it's because I'm fabulous and they all want to be a part of that. Not really. It's about showing an interest in others and caring about their welfare. It's about not judging and accepting people for who they are. My brothers will both accept criticisms from me that they would not tolerate from others, because they know it comes from love and I only have their best interest in mind.

I promise to only use my super powers for good... unless they tick me off.

Friday, December 12, 2008

I'll be needing a Vacation

Next Friday will be Boogie's last day of school until January 5th. I've gotten use to just having the little one home and am sure the next couple of weeks will be exhausting. They're at the age of constant bickering and teasing and someone is always crying. I can't wait.

We're working on a Girl's Vacation for the end of February or early March. I have two friends who will be turning 40 and we need to do it right. Maybe they would be into going somewhere warm like Florida. I've also seen some pretty good deals on Vegas vacations, and one of the birthday girls is the friend I went to Vegas with way back when we were in high school, so that would be a fun trip down memory lane.

Ladies, what do you think of those ideas?

Burning the Fat

During the holidays I do a pretty good job of maintaining my weight. I seriously think I start gaining just as it starts getting warm and the threat of bathing suit season becomes inevitable. With two small children, avoidance is impossible, they love the water. We are also minutes from the ocean. I need a good cardio workout. I've joined the WiiFit Mommiis and hope they will inspire me, but also need to rev it up with an elliptical or stationary bike. Either of these would keep the fat burning while I watch my favorite programs after everyone else goes to bed. My Step Mom does a couple miles a day on her bike and uses it as a time to catch up on reading. What is your favorite workout apparatus?

On a Mission

I'm currently working on a site to give back to families in need. It will go along with my other blog Because Someone Cares. I'm looking for interested parties to donate items to be auctioned off in an attempt to raise money for these families in need. In return, you're site will be listed on the site and a Thank You post will be done with links back to you. Anyone interested can contact me, or leave a comment here. I'll leave you with the mission statement...

To raise awareness of those in need. The ones you may read about in your local paper. The ones that are close to home. As bloggers we want to give back to the people and causes that touch our hearts. We want to be heard. We want to make a difference in the lives of those who need us and deserve our support.

We will challenge ourselves and our fellow bloggers to reach out and find as many resources as we can to better the lives of each featured family. We will commit to finding ways to get them the things they need and lend any support we can along the way.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

You're Invited


Claire over at Single Mom Meltdown is having a baby shower.  One of her neighbors is in need of basic supplies for their new arrival.  Every famiy should be able to enjoy their new bundle of joy rather than feel the burden of another mouth to feed. 

This virtual Baby Shower is Claire's way of helping others in need and I am grateful to be able to pass along this invitation to you.  Below is the exact copy of Claire's post along with donations she has recieved so far.  I will keep the list updated as Clair updates and am going directly to find something for the son.  It looks like Claire is getting some stuff for the baby, I'd like to make sure their son has something for Christmas as well.

What are you willing to do to help out?


I am having a Virtual Baby Shower for a Family who is in need. Their second child, a baby girl, is on the way and they do not have the money for the normal baby things like clothes, diapers, formula... etc. ANY donation of any item(s) would be appreciated. Please contact me if you are interested in participating in this special shower.

Please note this is not a shower "just to get gifts" nor is it a shower just to get "hits on my site"... this is a shower for a family that really is in need and they are broke. They are a very loving family and if I could "adopt a family" this Christmas I would but I myself am struggling.. so this is my way of adopting a family and helping a family in need!

I have had a lot of request for specific items that this family needs as well as what their son needs.

Their Son needs clothes. He is in a Size 10 Husky Boys in Pants and a size 8 or 10 in Husky Boys in Shirts. The medication that he is currently taking has make him gain weight. He needs a winter coat. They do not have any toys for him from Santa. He loves anything superhero related, Transformers.. pretty much anything a 5 year old boy would like.

Also, gift cards to Target and Walmart so that they can get their children things that they need as well as buy food. Gift cards to Target will also help the family pay for their son's very expensive medication.

OK... Not getting as many responces SO I am going to release the address to ship to

Baby Shanna 1445 Dorthy Street Mandeville, LA 70448

Also things from their Baby Registry that they do not have and NEED:

Crib Bedding, Johnson & Johnson Baby lotion shampoo body wash, Burp Cloths, Bibs, Baby socks, Baby Bath towels (large and small), pacifiers, Playtex Bottle Drop in's and Playtex drop in Bottles, winter newborn clothes, winter 0-3 mo clothes, winter 3-6 mo clothes.

Donations Recieved so Far If you are donating PLEASE contact me so that I can add you to the list! Thank you!!)

Thank you to Megan at Prim and Proper Moms for her donation of Diapers, wipes and assorted baby items

Thank you to Beth from CUZEE for her donation of a beautiful Baby's First Christmas Ornament and for offering a Giveaway to all of my readers! (Giveaway coming soon!)

Thank you to Steve from Burner Sports for his donation of a Saints Baby Blanket for the new baby!

Thank you to My Brest Friend for their donation of a pink Breast Feeding Pillow for the new mom and baby!
Thank you to dpenna from Crazy Mom's Journal for her donation of some beautiful handmade baby items from Etsy!
Thank you to Mom Spark for her Donation of a Diaper Cake!!!
Thank you Danielle for her donation of an infant car seat and nursing cover and burp cloth!!!!
Thank you Ear Check for their donation of an Ear Check!!!


I'm over the Pine Needles

...and apparently so is my vacuum. It won't pick up anything. It's the belt...again. I'm convinced that shaving my head would solve the problem. My hair is every where and gets wrapped all over the bottom roller thingy, and I think that makes the belt work over time until it snaps. I've heard of people raking their floors, maybe I should try that before vacuuming. In the mean time, I think I'll see if I can borrow one of my MIL's Miele vacuum cleaners. She has 2 so I suppose she can loan one out until I can get a new belt. I would use the cone vac, but I don't want to clog that up to, besides the whole floor needs a good vacuuming, the whole house actually.

Okay, I'm off to borrow a vacuum, before I lose my motivation.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I've been Busy

So, I've become quite internet social in the last week or so. I've joined The Classy Closet and have started enjoying their witty radio show each day. I joined Wii Fit Mommiis, and look forward to the launch party and the beginning of support and challenges to come. I've been to a couple Mommy Gossip- GNO's, and while twitter still slightly baffles me, I found twittergrid last night and that made it a little easier.

So with all these groups, how in the heck am I supposed to find time to actually blog? Well, I actually think I will find more things to blog about. The amounts of giveaways these sites have is mind blowing, and they are doing a lot to help others. I can get in on that. So look forward to new news from around the web and some exciting giveaways to join.

Welcome Logan Ray

I must give a shout out to my friend Rikki and her family. Baby Logan Ray was born at 2:09 pm yesterday, weighing in at 8 lbs, 13 ozs, he joins his mom and dad and 2 older sisters.

I swear pregnancies always seem to go faster when they're someone elses. It seems like just last month she got pregnant. I'm sure she feels differently, but he's here none the less and Mommy and baby are doing great.

It will be fun to watch the mother/son bond form. Rikki was fearful that she wouldn't know what to do with a little boy, I think she is going to find herself pleasantly surprised. Little boys are just so fond of their mothers and as far as I've seen, that love never wavers. I was thrilled that my first was a boy (right after I got over the disappointment that it wasn't a girl).

The family likes to spend Summer vacations in the Outer Banks, and I can picture it now...the 3 girls on the beach, and Daddy and Logan playing Frisbee or fishing. Mike is lucky to have a son, and even more lucky not to have a third girl.

Welcome to the world Logan!

It's that time of year

One thing I like to do yearly, is to re-evaluate all the incoming bills we pay and see if there is any way to reduce our costs. While I am completely satisfied with my cell phone company, I look at past bills and determine whether I have the right package or if I can reduce my minutes based on what I have used over the past year.

We also evaluate our insurance policies. A couple years ago we switched from an unfavorable auto insurance company to a cheap auto insurance company. One that boasts the lowest costs in our area. Ya know what? We saved over $600 that first year. I am satisfied with this company and will now look into adding our home owners policy to the same company to see if we can save any further.

We look at past electric bills, try to determine in which months we paid the most, and why, and come up with a game plan to reduce those costs as well.

I'll also check our bundled services through the cable company. I realized a couple years ago that they like to add features that no one needs...and charge you for them. I do not need 3-way calling, conference calling, special rings, or my favorite...a special number. I found out one year that the phone package we had included a secondary number that not only did I not know existed, but that I was paying $5 dollars a month for.

I encourage everyone to look through their bills, if you are not already, and see exactly what you are being charged may be surprised.

Monday, December 8, 2008


You Are Very Approachable

You can talk to anyone, and it shows. People are eager to start conversations with you.

You are open and friendly. You are willing to connect with almost anyone.

While it's great to be approachable, there is such a thing as too approachable.

Eventually someone will try to take advantage of you. Don't be afraid to say no or end an awkward conversation.

I already knew this. I love to meet new people and can chat with almost anyone. I spent 17 years as a Restaurant Manager/GM and would not have succeeded if I had not been approachable. Dealing with hundreds of employees and guests may have been difficult for a less approachable person, but I thrived on the day to day challenge of satisfying others. While I am always open to meeting new people, I am not the gullible, please take advantage of me type. I can see these individuals a mile away.

Sirius Radio needs The Classy Closet

If you do any sort of blog hopping, are a member of any blog social networks, or just enjoy witty moms, you must have heard of Crassy Kadi (A Womb at the Inn(sane)), Classy Jen (Posh Point of View)and Danielle (Mommi Mafia). If more blog hopping.

Anyway, these ladies have teamed up and started a blogtalkradio show. It's funny, informative, and a great way to take some "me" time during the day. Airing at 9am PT and 11am CT each week day, these ladies are bringing It!

On January 9th, they are trying to get 1000 listeners. I know I'll be there, and if they can hit their goal of 1000, the show could get picked up by Sirius Radio. Head on over to any of the ladies blogs and get all the info, check out the show and join me on January 9th to support these fun, real, raw women.

Supporting Hubby's Interests

I mentioned in an earlier post that darling Hubby was having some sort of mid life crisis. He has a sudden urge to shoot things, namely squirrels. I also mentioned that as much as this bothered me, he was giving them to "uncle" Jack, who was actually eating the squirrels so it wasn't all for nothing, I guess. I also mentioned that I thought about getting him some fancy equipment and sending him off for a weekend trip with "the guys" to possibly get it out of his system.

Then I came up with another idea.

I've often read that women should support their husbands, or at least show interest in their interests. I also have several friends who, like me, are sometimes at odds with their Hubbies decisions. Let's put the two together.

My thought is that we get 5 couples together for a paintball challenge. Women against the men. We will so kill them... and they won't even see it coming.

I was looking around for a pink paintball gun, but I guess that wouldn't be very practical, seeing as though I would NOT want to be noticed. I did pick out this NEW TITANIUM Kingman Spyder SONIX Paintball marker gun:

Ultimate Paintball offers all the leading names in Paintball equipment and gear for the best prices and even offers free shipping. This gun weighs only 8 pounds, so I'm sure I won't get tired carrying it around. I also found these VX-100 ORANGE:

So if you are a wife like me, who sometimes wants to open up a can of Whoop-arse on her Hubby, check into paintball. They get to carry guns and feel macho, we get to sneak around and shoot their butts. Anyone interested?

The Tree is Up

We set out to get the tree and house decorated this weekend and we were somewhat successful. More so than I would have believed going into the weekend. Hubby loves to get distracted, so I wasn't sure we would be able to pull it off. We're (he's) not completely finished with the exterior lights and we need to get some hooks for some ornaments Grandma brought over yesterday, but we're almost there.
Hubby put the lights on the tree, grumbling the whole time, and I couldn't help but laugh. It's been my job for the past five years and I was glad to relinquish the responsibility. I unwrapped the ornaments and let the kids put them on the tree. Some branches have 3 or 4 ornaments, as PP stuck to one area, but we're leaving it as is. Because they are proud of their accomplishment and I'm proud they managed to get it done with minimal bickering.

Looks better without the flash, don't you think?

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Rent a Home Office

I mentioned earlier that my blogs would really like a new work space. Right now I am comfortably sitting in my corner chair, with the rest of the family, in the living room. Since I am relatively new to blogging, sometimes trying to concentrate on new programs marketing tools is kind of difficult with the constant interruptions. I need a quiet space. A space just for me.

Boog's school last year had modules out back to make room for all the students. The school had grown far bigger than the church could handle. We had an office in the house, then, we too grew bigger and to give up the office when PP arrived. So I thought I could get a modular space too, just until the kids move out.

I googled modular buildings and got a listing for mobile offices Philadelphia. Close. Now I needed something in the state I actually live. Acton Mobile has several sizes of mobile units from 8 footers to 14 foot trailers. They even have up to quad wide units. They offer a variety of designs to suit any temporary office need and actually have a location in my area.

Can you picture the look on Hubby's face when I take him out to show him what I want for Christmas? He already thinks I spend too much time on my laptop, do you think I could convince him being able to concentrate would reduce the time I would need to spend?

Time to Decorate

We're getting our tree today. We'll be leaving shortly, or maybe the boys will just go get the tree since, PP woke with a face full of boogers and the hacking cough her brother just got rid of. It's pretty cold (for Va) so I may keep he with me and we can start sorting through the ornaments and decorations. It should be a nice family day of decorating, listening to Christmas music, drinking eggnog, and playing around.

I tried something new this morning. Took out a cheesy hashbrown hamburger helper and used sausage instead of hamburger. Served that up with some hot chocolate and marshmallows and we are all pretty stuffed. Yum, Yum.

Now I need to do some blog hopping to find a good recipe for dinner. What are you making?

Friday, December 5, 2008

Boog's Christmas Wish List

Boog and I had some Mommy and son time tonight so we looked at a couple of things for his Christmas Wish list. Grandma always gives him the Toys R Us catalog and tells him to circle things he would like. I wanted to get ideas for some things that would spark a little more imagination. Mega Brand has such a large variety of toys, in all age categories, so I thought that would be a good place to look. They have everything from Disney characters, like the mickey mouse magic set, to several Marvel Comic characters such as Spiderman and Sandman. Boog is definitely in a Spiderman phase, so it didn't take him long to find several things he would like for Santa to bring him.

Since he's still working on his letters and spelling, and it's Friday, so he's not really in the mood for more "homework", we decided to record his letter to Santa...and any other relatives who may be watching.
Happy Holidays!

What do you buy on Ebay?

I love ebay. I started bidding on stuff several years ago and then begin selling about 2 years ago. I am often amazed at how people decide to bid. It seems as though, once invested, people will continue to bid on an item even if someone else is selling the exact same thing for less, or the starting price is currently less. It would also seem that bidders shy away from items with a starting price or a reserve.

Mostly, the items I bid on are items from my childhood. My prized ebay item is a Texas Instruments "little professor". I loved mine as a kid and thought the kids would enjoy it when they are a little older. Boog is already showing an interest in I may be right.

I have also been searching for a drowsy doll, with the pink and white polka dot sleeper, and with a pull string and voice box in working condition. If you find one, please contact me.

Hunting Something other than Squirrels

Hubby recently decided that he needed a pellet gun. It lasted about one week, before he decided he needed something a little more powerful. he got a BB gun, and now has upgraded once again. I think it may be a mid life crisis, his all of the sudden desire to shoot things, or maybe it's just me, literally.

On Thanksgiving Day, at his parents house, he decided to take his gun out on the property and shoot 2 squirrels. I'm not sure I'm for this idea, but since he gave them to the neighbor, Uncle Jack, who will apparently eat them, I guess it's not needlessly killing.

If this trend is going to continue, which I'm pretty sure it is, I think looking into the Nikon Hunting Christmas Promotion might be a good idea. Their Ultimate Hunter's package includes a ProStaff rifle scope, ProStaff 550 Rangefinder, and a DVD with hints and techniques on mastering the Nikon BDC reticle. These toys would not be sufficient for hunting on his parents property. To use these, he could plan a "man" trip, hang out with serious Hunter's who go out for days (or at least a whole day) and catch some large animals for more than sport. Right now he enjoys hunting in 30 minute -one hour spurts, maybe a whole day...or a weekend, would get it out of his system.

I think I got reprimanded for saying turd

We have a mouse in the house. We get one every winter. It is most evident by the "turds" he leaves under the kitchen sink. I said that...the other front of my 5 year old. "The mouse is back." he said "how do you know?" I said "There are mouse turds under the sink, in the cabinet." end of discussion.

Last night, as Hubby was taking said son to bed, he stepped on some random piece of some random toy and the conversation between the two boys went like this...

hubby: "I'm tired of stepping on stuff on the floor."
son: "Maybe it's a mouse turd."
hubby: "What did you say?"
son (slower): "Maybe it's a mouse turd."
hubby: "We don't say that word."
son: "What word?"
hubby: "turd"
son: "Why?"
hubby: "It's not a nice word."
son: "Oh."
hubby: "Where did you hear that word?"
son: "mommy"
hubby: "Oh"
hubby: "Well Mommy is an adult and she can use the word if she wants, but I don't want you to use it because it is not appropriate for a 5 year old."
son: "Okay,"

I wait until hubby comes back down from putting son to sleep and question his concern for the word turd. He doesn't like it and doesn't think son should say it. I laugh, think it's ludicrous, but let it go.
This is coming from a man who also won't let his son say fart. Seriously, if you are offended by the word, maybe you should refrain from ripping one so loud in the middle of the night that you wake everyone up...including the dog.


Get some Dragon Coupon Code and Bloggy Love this Christmas

Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 has been on my Christmas wish list since I first heard if it. I basically suck at typing, have to look at the keys while typing, and rather than wait until I'm finished to correct errors, I find myself correcting as I go, which slows me down even further. Take into consideration that I am also at home with my 2 year old during the day and her brother before and after school and on the weekends, and this tool could save me a ton of time.

I put together my top wants for my blogs, and hopefully Santa will agree that they are like my "babies" too, and bring them some gifts.

My blogs would like for Christmas...
Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 Basic with Discount Coupon Code

1. Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 Preferred.
2. New layouts, for at least 2 of them
3. More regular visits from the other bloggers I respect and enjoy visiting.
4. More creativity. They want to stand out and be different. Who Knew?
5. Self Hosting. One of my blogs, who wishes to remain nameless, has been complaining about his host. He would like to move.
6. A creative widget for one, and they would all like the "code" displayed so others could get it. Because they assume others want their widget.
7. Head phones for their author, who sometimes needs to tune out Sponge Bob while writing.
8. A device to record thoughts. Must be small enough to carry at all times
9. A better work area. The chair in the corner of the living room is getting old.
10. To win a contest. There are contests everywhere and my blogs want to win one.

Wow, I didn't realize the wanted so much. As you can see in the above videos, Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 Preferred would be the most useful tool. I think if my blogs could get that, they would be happy. They would all get more attention and no bloggy would feel left out. It's all about quality time, not quantity, I would have more time so we would all win (me and my blogs). Santa can even use this $25 Coupon Code- DNSMSBG -Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 Standard to save some money.

Click the links below for more savings from Dragon Naturally Speaking.

Somebody please tell my Daughter she does NOT have a Weenie

First off, I'm not even sure when my son got a weenie, he's always had a penis and just recently started calling it a weenie. Do kindergarten boys talk about their weenies? I can't figure out where he would have picked this up. No worries, he can call it what he wants.

While I totally believe in teaching the kids to use proper terms for their private parts, I am not so fond of the "v" word. Call me crazy, immature, whatever. I just do not like the word. Sue me. Boogie has a penis and Puddin Pop has a hoo-hoo...until now.

Apparently PP has heard her brother talk about his weenie and now she is convinced she has one too. Moms never know what they are talking about. She is adamant it's a weenie, end of subject. I tried explaining that girls and boys are different, she understands they look different, but her's is still a weenie.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Corporate Trips

When I was a General Manager for a Chain Restaurant, we were often (yearly) treated to Corporate Incentive Travel packages. My favorite was a trip to Orlando, where we spent 3 days and 2 nights in motivational meetings and fabulous themed dinner parties. The speaker that MC'd the event was fantastic and he had a bunch of adults, singing, dancing, and doing all sorts of crazy stuff in the spirit of corporate bonding.

There are several Corporate incentive travel companies willing to give your company the experiences you are looking for. One of them is Peak Performance. With 25 years of experience, and focusing exclusively on Sales Incentive Travel Programs, Peak Performance will work with you side-by-side to achieve a Corporate Event that will be remembered for years.

The previous mentioned Chain Restaurant I worked for offered yearly Cruise incentives for the top performers within each region. I was fortunate to "win" one year. The company flew us to Miami where we boarded Royal Caribbean's Voyager of the Seas, and set sail for a seven day cruise that I will remember for a lifetime. We ate our meals as a group and had a few group events throughout the week, but the days were ours and Hubby and I, along with new and old friends, climbed Dunn's River Falls,in Jamaica, visited a private beach in Labadee, and spent an afternoon eating and drinking in Cancun.

Why I don't Miss It

When I used to actually leave the house to work, I had to drive to Virginia Beach. The actual location of the restaurant was only 22 miles from my driveway, but with tunnel traffic, rubberneckers and all the other non capabilities of Virginia drivers, the drive took me anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours. If there was a nasty accident in the tunnel, and you had passed the last exit to the other tunnel, you had no choice but to wait. Traffic had to be backed out so emergency vehicles could get in. Then the mess had to be cleared before you could get through. Awful mess.

While running errands the other day, I was reminded of another reason this drive was so annoying. The Beach is east of me. In the mornings, I would be driving East to work, after work I would be driving West home. It looked something like this on most days, and for both the before and after work trip.

How'd you like to drive in that?

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

For My Brother

I remember several (like 12) years ago, going to my little brother's wedding and being a little envious. he is my little brother and he should not have been getting married before me. Between my 2 brothers and I, I was the only one who had had serious relationships and yet both of them beat me to the alter.

Now they have both been to the alter twice, and neither is still married. I am no longer envious, just a little sad. I wish they could both find a soul mate, or at least someone who could fulfill their need and make an honest commitment, not just a convenient one.

So this is my advertisement for my little brother, a personal ad of sorts. He is 39. Divorced twice. Two sons (one by each wife) that he does not have custody of. He is a bit of a work-a-holic, but enjoys getting out, traveling, and having fun. He is also known to spoil the women in his life.

If you are looking for Wilmington NC real estate , or real estate anywhere in the state of North Carolina, he's your man when it comes time to finance. He is a mortgage broker currently living in Raleigh and is ready to give you the best deal possible to suit your needs.

If you are single and looking to meet a nice guy, he may also be what you are looking for. Either way, check out his myspace page...and tell him his sister sent you.

A Little Disturbed...Okay, a LOT!

I was blog hopping before bed late night. I usually do this every night after the kids and Hubby go to bed. I drop EC's, with no specific number of drops in mind, and just see where the trail leads me. I start with my favorites and click any interesting ads from there, it's therapeutic and helps take my mind off my own life, and gives me a glimpse into others. Last nights reading actually gave me nightmares.

My intent is not to call anyone out, it's really just a sensitive subject for me, something I am passionate AGAINST. I am the minority and often have to defend my stance to those closest to me, which makes it even more difficult. I responded to the post and will be checking back to see if my comment gets posted.

I commented earlier this week (on a different blog) on another topic I found bother some. I did not agree with the author, and without accusing, just posted my point of view, it never made it to the blog. Apparently opposing arguments are not welcome on some blogs.

I have moderation on some of my blogs, just because I haven't turned it off. I have never deleted a comment in moderation, unless it was blatant spam. I welcome other's points of views.

Do you delete comments that do not support your point of view?

If you are interested in the topic that gave me nightmares, you can check a post I did this morning here. All comments are welcome, and I'm sure my point of view will be the minority, but would be pleased if it wasn't.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Anyone looking for a Pearl Necklace?

Get your mind out of the gutter! I just had to get your attention, and I'm pretty sure I just did.

Many women love Pearls. I know my neighbor was just lamenting over the loss of one of her pearls out of a ring she wears daily that she got from her grandmother. I have freshwater pearls but do not own any saltwater pearls, and the only kind Dear Hubby has ever offered are the ones that put your mind in the gutter to begin with.

So, if you love "real" pearls, or know someone who does, check out The PearOutlet. They have pearl necklaces, pearl earrings , and pearl rings. They have freshwater and saltwater pearls.

I'm kind of in love with this Lavender and Dark Chocolate Pearl Necklace. It just sounds yummy. I must also admit, that before finding this site, I didn't know that chocolate pearls existed, and I'm sure my Father, the Jeweler, is going to have something to say about that...Sorry Dad.

The best thing about The Pearl Outlet is the price of their items. The above mentioned necklace retails at $950 and is offered for $195. That's a great savings. They have a Designer's Market where they feature different Artists and their pearl designs. They add Designers all the time so it's worth it to check back for something new and unique.

Not so Lazy Day

I thought it was going to be a sit in the chair all day and do nothing kind of day...until Hubby came home from work...sick. That usually un-motivates me even more, but today I took advantage of it. I completed (wash, dry, fold) 2 loads of laundry and am working on the third, cleaned the kitchen sink and the guest bath. I swept the kitchen floor and the foyer, Made a big batch (3 # meat) of spaghetti sauce, made brownies for Boog's after school snack, making sure they would still be warm, but not too hot, when he got off the bus, took a shower (that happens like every other day, so I wasn't even due) went to the store to get beverages (juice for the kids, Pepsi for Hubby, wine for Moi) and am now back in my chair.

Thank You Puddin Pop for helping me "clean" the dishes...I can always count on you to help.

Looking for Great Seafood

I love Seafood. Especially fresh seafood. I was looking around for a great Seafood Restaurant in my area that wasn't Red Lobster or Joe's Crabshack. I like both of these restaurants just fine, but was looking for something a little more upscale for my upcoming birthday. It's 2 months away, but thought I would start planning now.

I wasn't looking for fine dining restaurant Seattle. I was looking for something a little closer to home. I did google best seafood restaurant and came up with several options. I want something new and different. I want something that will not scream "bring your kids here." I love kids, but want to give Hubby some ideas on restaurants a little more romantic and thus a clue to get a babysitter. I am giving him 2 months notice.

If this Ahi Tuna looks good to you, then I've found a restaurant for both of us. The Oceanaire Seafood Room. The atmosphere reminds me of Ruth's Chris, elegant, open, focusing on great service and an enjoyable meal. Not the acceptable service in a turn the tables quick to make more money family restaurant.

Lobster, a bottle of wine, some fancy desserts, and it all adds up to a meal that lasts longer than 40 minutes from sit down to departure.
If you're looking for top restaurants Minneapolis , The Oceanaire will be on the list, as it will be for Boston, Denver, and several other cities across the US. Fortunately for me, there is not one in Virginia. I say Fortunately, because this means Hubby will be taking me to Charlotte, NC for my birthday. I nice dinner, a night out of town, sleeping in without the kids, and he has 2 months to figure out how to make it happen.
Hope you're reading this A! I made sure they have Filets too.

Motivation Sucker

What is it with grey, drizzly weather that just sucks all the motivation and energy right out of you? I got up this morning, ready to tackle the loads of laundry that are taking over, do a little vacuuming, maybe dust a couple rooms and clean the downstairs bathroom. I have not moved from my corner chair other than to get Puddin Pop something to drink and fix a big plate of stuffing and cranberries for me. It's only 10:20, so I still have time, but I think that's my problem. I know I have time, so instead of getting off my soon to be too big for this chair butt, I sit, I blog hop, play games with PP and basically ignore all else.
I do have intentions of making spaghetti for dinner and brownies for Boog's after school snack, but again, I have time...right?
Somebody please sing the rain rain go away song so I can get motivated!