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Friday, December 5, 2008

Get some Dragon Coupon Code and Bloggy Love this Christmas

Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 has been on my Christmas wish list since I first heard if it. I basically suck at typing, have to look at the keys while typing, and rather than wait until I'm finished to correct errors, I find myself correcting as I go, which slows me down even further. Take into consideration that I am also at home with my 2 year old during the day and her brother before and after school and on the weekends, and this tool could save me a ton of time.

I put together my top wants for my blogs, and hopefully Santa will agree that they are like my "babies" too, and bring them some gifts.

My blogs would like for Christmas...
Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 Basic with Discount Coupon Code

1. Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 Preferred.
2. New layouts, for at least 2 of them
3. More regular visits from the other bloggers I respect and enjoy visiting.
4. More creativity. They want to stand out and be different. Who Knew?
5. Self Hosting. One of my blogs, who wishes to remain nameless, has been complaining about his host. He would like to move.
6. A creative widget for one, and they would all like the "code" displayed so others could get it. Because they assume others want their widget.
7. Head phones for their author, who sometimes needs to tune out Sponge Bob while writing.
8. A device to record thoughts. Must be small enough to carry at all times
9. A better work area. The chair in the corner of the living room is getting old.
10. To win a contest. There are contests everywhere and my blogs want to win one.

Wow, I didn't realize the wanted so much. As you can see in the above videos, Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 Preferred would be the most useful tool. I think if my blogs could get that, they would be happy. They would all get more attention and no bloggy would feel left out. It's all about quality time, not quantity, I would have more time so we would all win (me and my blogs). Santa can even use this $25 Coupon Code- DNSMSBG -Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 Standard to save some money.

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  1. Not sure if this is any help or not, but before I had my blog "designed" I just used free layouts from "cutestblogontheblock" Thay have lots of choices, and they just slide behind your existing templates, so no fuss or work at all.


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