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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's that time of year

One thing I like to do yearly, is to re-evaluate all the incoming bills we pay and see if there is any way to reduce our costs. While I am completely satisfied with my cell phone company, I look at past bills and determine whether I have the right package or if I can reduce my minutes based on what I have used over the past year.

We also evaluate our insurance policies. A couple years ago we switched from an unfavorable auto insurance company to a cheap auto insurance company. One that boasts the lowest costs in our area. Ya know what? We saved over $600 that first year. I am satisfied with this company and will now look into adding our home owners policy to the same company to see if we can save any further.

We look at past electric bills, try to determine in which months we paid the most, and why, and come up with a game plan to reduce those costs as well.

I'll also check our bundled services through the cable company. I realized a couple years ago that they like to add features that no one needs...and charge you for them. I do not need 3-way calling, conference calling, special rings, or my favorite...a special number. I found out one year that the phone package we had included a secondary number that not only did I not know existed, but that I was paying $5 dollars a month for.

I encourage everyone to look through their bills, if you are not already, and see exactly what you are being charged may be surprised.

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