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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Problems with Facebook

I'm having some misgivings about Facebook and I'll tell you why.

I joined FB a long time ago, looking for someone, I couldn't even tell you who, because I don't remember.

Then, a couple months back, a Junior High friend (that I'm still friends with now) decides to join and gets everyone we know to send me a request to join. I log in,, and actually start using my previous account and start reconnecting. Two days later, the above mentioned friend calls and says she can't see me on FB. I'm not really concerned, haven't had much time to socialize on FB and when I log in I'm still there.

2 months go by.

Now I hear that more people are on FB and I take a look, or try to, only to find out that I do not exist. My email is not registered. I guess FB had a dislike for me and deleted my account.

I resign up and find out that above mentioned friend is not only FB friends with my little brother, but is also FB friends with my FATHER? I didn't know dad was on FB. So now I'm curious. I've been on for 3 weeks now and here are my concerns:

1) Above mentioned friend is gung-ho on FB and posting old Jr. high and HS pics of all her included (not so flattering)

2) Friend is also tagging me in pics with my HS boyfriend (Hubster is NOT impressed)

I also find my self looking through friend's lists to see who they have reconnected with. I then decide who to send a request to and who to wait on for them to make the first move. Is that crazy? I'm not sure why I feel that way. It just seems as though being friends should be their decision.

Overall I guess the network is okay. I'm still trying to figure some parts out. I like getting drinks from friends, although the orange soda and hot chocolate I've received didn't do the trick. I've saved 2 square feet of rain forest, that's pretty cool and I'm also keeping up with current friends. It only took Dad 2 weeks to accept my friendship request, how should I feel about that?

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  1. I use Facebook mainly to keep up with family (that's ENOUGH friends, believe me!). Your dad probably doesn't check in often :) Your friend might not have a life of her own outside of FB...


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