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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Overachieving Friends

I have a friend that is currently working as an OB nurse at one of the local hospitals. Apparently everyone is having babies, as she has been quite busy the last couple months. I know that nursing is a very in-demand profession right now. It reportedly will be for years to come. Like teaching, I think it is a thankless job, and the individuals in these professions should be paid much more.

Sara is currently taking online classes through St. Xavier's MS nursing program. She will receive her Masters with the hope of teaching when she is done. She enjoys the flexibility of online classes since she works three 12 hour shifts a week and has a three year old son. To complete the course, she will do a weekend on campus in Chicago, and looks at it as a mini-vacation. I guess compared to running a household, taking classes, raising a 3 year old and working, a weekend out of town, just doing school work, WOULD be a vacation.

Good Luck Sara. Hopefully you will be less busy in a year or so, and have time to actually do lunch.

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  1. I also have friends who are so busy with their careers they couldn't stay put even on weekends. I can't imagine being that way again.


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