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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

AI ~ Day One

First off, I thought the show did a much better job of NOT showing all the train wrecks. They had a lot of talent and it was nice to see that. They seem to have a little more compassion this year as well. I'm still confused as to how many yeses one needs to make it to Hollywood, it would seem as though 2 is all that's required, but I was surprised at how many got 4 yeses, that just doesn't usually happen.

But what about Bikini Girl? This girl is obviously smarter than she looks. She does have a nice body and the confidence to go with it, but don't be surprised when she misses the call in Hollywood. I don't see any way she will get through, unless maybe she goes naked. And what was Kara thinking trying to match voices with this kid? Seemed a little childish, good for ratings, and entertaining to watch, but childish nonetheless.

My favs so far? The little brunette 16 year old cutie (I don't have a name) and the pink haired rocker chick, look for these 2 ladies to advance to the top 24...just my opinion. More tonight, and more from me tomorrow.

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  1. Call me crazy, but I LIKE the train wrecks. Not to ridicule them, but rather just for the chuckle I get watching in my own home.

    Bikini girl sure made news ... I think your right, not at all stupid move there.

    Seems like some new and promising taleny, no???


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