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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Everything You Need to Know about Labels

Dome Labels 101

What types of shapes can be domed? Any shape without square corners or without corner radiuses less than 0.10" can be produced. Complex construction is available as well. There are many other shapes that are available with cutouts, embossed domes, shapes containing transparent windows and others.

Transparent and opaque domed labels: Transparent inks can give domed labels an attention getting "pop" that your customers will notice. Transparent inks allow the sheen of the label material to show through the inks, making the inks look like they are shiny. This is most apparent with the silver chrome material.

Printing Process Description:
There are many components that come together to form a crystal-clear, full color, three-dimensional (3D), flexible dome label. The components are bonded together to form a high quality decal that will last many years.

Material Specifications:

Dome: This top layer of the Dome Label consists of polyurethane that is poured, as a liquid, over the ink, onto the material. The Dome takes a period of time to cure to the material and harden into a crystal clear protective coating that gives the decal the high-end look that customer's notice.

Ink / Color: Dome Labels and Decals are digitally printed, four color stickers. They are usually built with spot colors and Pantone® colors from CMYK. When requesting PMS matches, request a sample proof to verify color match.

Adhesive: Most dome sticker and decal materials come with a 2 or 4mil acrylic permanent adhesive. Versatile and general purpose, it has excellent adhesion to a wide range of surfaces including metals and most ABS plastics. Excellent initial tack. Minimum application temp is 60ºF; service range is -40º to +180ºF.

Liner: The liner holds your dome decal flat and protects the adhesive until it is ready for use. Most dome labels ship flat on a coated paper liner or clear poly liner. Also available: a specific liner, domes supplied on rolls or domes that have a built in curve to be applied to rounded surfaces.

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