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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Please, I Want a Grill.

In an effort to create healthier recipes for the family, I've been looking into new appliances to achieve this goal. The George Foreman line of grills (roasters and fryers) offers a new alternative for healthy cooking. Their goal is to continue providing new and innovative products to make family cooking faster, and more healthy. I like faster too.

Boog is finally branching out and trying new foods and I think indoor grilling would be healthier and fun to do as a family. Currently I cook bacon in a pan on the stove. It sizzles in it's own fat and, while tasty, is not the healthiest way to start the day. My In laws cook strips of bacon in the microwave, putting paper towel between layers to soak up the fat. This is a healthier option, but does nothing for the taste and/or flavor.

I did a post last week about the London broil I cooked in the crock pot. How much tastier it could have been if cooked on one of George's grills. The thought of roasted potatoes and other assorted veggies has my mouth watering, at 7 am this morning.

We often grill in the summer and spring, but never seem to use our grill in the colder months, even though it really isn't that cold. My father brushes the snow off his and stands in the cold, to get a good piece of grilled meat, there's just something about the flavor of a grilled steak that no other method of cooking can achieve.

The George Foreman site, which promotes healthy living, has a product selector that lets you pick which features you want your grill to have, what you want to cook, how many you regularly cook for and it suggests the best grill for you. I've already got mine selected. They also have a ton of delicious recipes on the site to get you started. I am so excited about this grill that I put together a little video, for your enjoyment, in hope that someone will determine that I should have one of these grills for my own.

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