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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Time Out for Toys

I have not really made any New Year's resolutions, but I would like to get my house more organised, as soon as Boogie goes back to school and Hubster to work (tomorrow) I'll get started.

I read once that if your children are fighting over a toy, rather than pick a side, you should give the toy a "time out." Toys also get time outs when one child is playing alone and getting on my nerves with offending toy, like all the stupid dart guns that get shot and ricochet of my wine glasses while I'm trying to cook dinner. However, the offending toys do NOT have a special time out spot, as the children do. I just try to put it out of reach, where no little person can reach it.

These spots include, the fireplace mantel, which is also used for toys that should not be used unsupervised, like magnets and books (the books are there to keep them in good condition. It was a problem when both kids were younger, and now I just haven't found another spot for them).

The top of the refrigerator, this is where toys go that disrupt me when I am in the kitchen, usually cooking dinner. This is also where supplies like paint, staplers, scissors and other dangerous and messy stuff goes. Oh, and my knives too, because, well, you can never be too safe. So it looks like this

The top of the entertainment center. This is for toys, games and anything else that gets left in the middle of the living room causing me distress. When no one wants to pick the offender up, it goes here. Puzzles and a couple memory games stay up there because Pudding Pop just likes to throw all the little cards around and it drives me CRAZY!

My first order of business, will be to find a better spot for these toys and get them off my appliances and furniture. But where? I'll keep you posted. In the meantime, do toys in your house get timeouts? Where do they go? I really need to know.


  1. Sorry, I can't help you here. I need to organize my house. I'm the cluttered one, and my husband is the one who wants everything perfect. There's a lot of us out there so don't stress on it too much.

  2. The minute you tidy up you are going to go looking for something and you won't be able to find it! LoL
    I have to say yes toys did have time out. I went to the dollar store and purchased tubs and all the books went in one, all the cars in another, etc...
    then all the bins went in one area so it helped with the kids stuff. Hubster received a box and it was near the garage and all his "stuff" (crap to me) went into the box. It helped my clutter hope it helps you
    Good Luck

  3. Timeout for toys! I love it :) Never thought to call it that.
    Our toy timeouts go in our room...usually in a closet or under the bed...but we have forgotten where we have placed them before :)

    Organized toys that are "in play"...I have some canvas bins to collect those strewn about for quick pick up

  4. Stacy~ Yes, my Hubster would like everything more organized too, but I swear he is worse than the kids, so he'll just have to get over it.

    Mind of a Mom~ I do the bin thing a little, but then it freaks me wout when stuff is in the wrong box, so I'm better off leaving it strewn about. Hubsters stuff goes in a paper bag,lol.

    TiLT~ I should just a big bin for the time out toys. It would have to be big, because the toys that end up in there are the swords and light sabers. Thanks for the idea.


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