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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Is it Possible to Worry Yourself to Death?

I'm beginning to think it is!

My Mother-in-law is a constant worrier, her son (hubster) is quite bad too. I wonder what these people could do with all the extra time they'd have if they didn't worry so much. I don't mean to sound callous, I love my MIL, but when you are 67 years old and constantly worrying about your 85 year old neighbor's health, and every other friend and family member that may be or may become ill, what happens to you? I'll tell you what happens. You, yourself become ill.

MIL has had some chronic anal complications over the last 2 years. She's seen several Docs and has gotten various opinions. Recently she was told that she has an anal cyst, caused by stress and worrying. It hasn't enlarged in the last 6 months they've been monitoring it, they can not get to it to remove it without major surgery. It is not cancerous, it is filled with a water-like substance and just causes her uncomfortableness. This is what I refer to as "worrying your a$$ off". She needs to be supportive to her elderly friends, but not spend all her time worrying about their situations. What does worrying get you? Especially when your coming to the age where it is expected for friends to start passing of natural causes.

I have a good friend who's father suffers from Mesothelioma. After years of working in the asbestos filled ships at the shipyard he often has bouts with his condition. His wife is a worrier too. Last year after my friends father was hospitalized for a couple days, her mother worried herself to the point of losing 30 pounds and letting her health go just due to worrying and taking care of her husband. She was hospitalized 6 months later and spent more time recovering than the husband did. Does that make sense?

I guess I am just NOT a worrier by nature. I take care of what needs to be taken care of and realize that some things are just out of my hands.

When Boog had a fever the other day I kept him home from school and snuggled him up on the couch. My MIL stopped by to bring the kids frosty's and inquired as to whether or not Boog needed to be seen by the Doctor. For a fever? I politely explained that the fever was his only symptom and promised that if I thought he needed medical attention I would take him right away. Now he has a cough and my FIL swears it sounds like Croup and Hubster wants to take him to the doc first thing tomorrow. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing I wouldn't do to prevent further illness and harm to my child, but a cough is a cough. He doesn't have croup and I refuse to let these worry warts turn my son into a hypochondriac like their son borders on being.

Can I get some back-up here?

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  1. I swear I could've written this! I'm about as laid back as can be and my MIL and my husband are both big worriers. Drives me insane. Our youngest was sick and had the fever and now has the cough and I get the same thing. When are you going to take him to the doctor. I say when he has something they'll give him medicine for. Stand your ground!


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