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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St.Paddy Idol

I'm confused.
Lil decides to show America that she can sing something other than R&B and they think she should've sung a pop remake of a country song. Adam does whatever the hell that was and Randy thinks it's relevant and fresh???
Here's my take...
Michael~ Sounded more like him than last week. Vocals seemed to be buried by the music. Looked comfortable, definitely what he should be singing. Strong performance for him.
Allison~ I like her as a country singer! Her stylist did a great job blending her hair color with the jacket. Very good performance.
Kris~ Liked the performance. I would buy that single now. It's gotta make his wife proud.
Lil~ Great job. I thought she was very believable as a country singer.
Adam~ See? It's not just me that doesn't like the nail polish...and why so much make up? I think I may have enjoyed this performance with a swirly colored background and a hit of acid. I like him less this week and really wonder what he could do as a solo artist. I think he would be great as a lead singer in a band but not sure what he would sing alone???
Scott~ He's Scott. Great on piano, mediocre vocalist.
Alexis~ Showed a softer side and was good at it. I think I like her a little wilder though.
Danny~ Hmm. Didn't love the beginning but by the time he got into the chorus he was back on point. Still my favorite.
Anoop~ Love the tone of his voice. Would buy that song right now...and I never liked it before.
Megan~ Beautiful Girl...that's all I can say.
Matt~ Worried he can't do it without the piano but my favorite performance of the night!
Who's going home? Scott or Megan (again)


  1. We're so in sync on this.

    Scott needs to go now. Nice guy. Great story. Very mediocre vocals and like the judges pointed out tonight.... everything is sounding the same. Want to see something fresh from him. And I would NEVER buy an album full of songs like this. nailed it with the band reference! Solo artist? Nah.

    Danny. Routing for him. Love him when he soars. The beginning didn't dig, but as Paula pointed out, you need the valleys to appreciate the peaks.

    Anoop... can I get a what what! Love him. I'd buy it too. Hey we can... on iTunes!

    Megan.... not so much. I love her tone... but I'm tired of her.

    Kris is so cute and a good singer. Lots of appeal.

    Matt.... go Kalamazoo Boy! Great performance.

  2. by the way, Matt didn't say this... Cassandra did.

  3. I always enjoy the show more as the contestants get whittled down. Great review!


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