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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Teaching our Children about Disabilities

My children are fortunate to be healthy and free of any disabilities. I do not take this for granted and hope that they do not either. As of yet, they have had few questions about disabilities in others. When Boog was younger he questioned why Grammy uses a cane and I explained that she has MS and her legs don't work all that well so she uses a cane for balance. He seemed good with that and accepts it's part of who she is.

Now in Kindergarten, he has 2 friends in his class (part time) that are deaf. He seems excited to be learning their language and often comes home to show me the new signs he has learned. He wanted to know why they can't hear. I explained that it could be for a variety of reasons. Some children are just born without the ability to hear and others may have had an illness causing the loss of their hearing. In order to get a better idea of his relationship with these two boys I asked if they played in his group at recess. He replied "no." I was concerned and asked "why not?" He said "I would like to play with them but they do not go to recess at the same time as us."

I love that these boys are a part of his class and he does not see them as any different than himself. He understands that they can not hear and use alternate methods of communication but other than that, they are just little boys who should be on the playground with him.

CVS Caremark - All Kids Can is a $25 million trust that is making life easier for children with disabilities in our local communities. They are committed to supporting non-profits that provide innovative programs for Children with disabilities. They also are increasing awareness with local schools about the inclusion of these students and push for barrier- free playgrounds so all the children can play in a safe, fun environment.

All children should be able to play and learn together. Thank You CVS Caremark - All Children Can for recognizing this issue and taking steps to remove the boundaries that exist so that all our children can benefit from these wonderful programs.

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  1. I loved reading this blog and how your child reacted. I do want you to know that I am a mother of a child who has Williams Syndrome. Because his syndrome isn't quite as noticable as Down's, and he looks more "normal", kids aren't as accepting as your son. My son is now 13 and has had a hard time with kids since he was in first grade. Williams Syndrome includes a wonderful social personality. All my son wants is to have friends. Adults have been great with him, but not kids. I hope your son continues his wonderful ways. I wish we could find kids to play with my son with the same feelings.


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