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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Top 13 Recap

I missed weeks 2 and 3 as far as recaps go. I was out of town for week 2, with limited connectivity (another story) and week 3 I was ill, very ill, awake 3 hours the whole day ill, so forgive me. I'm back and ready to give my opinion on the performances of the top 13, the stylists and the Judges.
Let's start...
Lil ~ Strong performance. Didn't knock my socks off, but good. I think we'll see more of her and I have all ideas she'll have some stand out nights, this just wasn't one of them. Her stylist definitely went for the "baby got back" theme. It was the first thing I thought when she took the stage.
Scott ~ He's a decent singer. No one I would pay to hear. I think everyone is wrapped up in his story. The judges didn't like the fact that he picked a song no one knew. I think this was his smartest move. I don't think he could have pulled off anything else.
Danny ~ Rocked the house! I love this guy. He looks so comfortable and you can tell he LOVES performing. It's a good thing. I would buy his album today. I disagree with Simon, I enjoyed his overzealous dance moves. He felt the music.
Michael ~ Hmm. Something was weired on this one. The voice was crystal clear and his tone was different than past performances. He was good, but almost too good. It was as though he was lip syncing, just odd for me. Very likable guy. I hope he continues to improve.
Jasmine ~ This girl is adorable and I think she should have her own show on Nick. I personally think this was her best performance yet. I don't believe she's a strong contender though. We're more likely to see her on the cover of Seventeen.
Kris ~ He really had fun with his song. I like that he used his guitar though it seemed like he could've just thrown it down and busted out a some moves. He was into it. Comment about his wife was inconsiderate.
Allison ~ Strong voice. Seems to know who she is (for 16) but I'm just not into her. I don't like the fake red hair or the rocker look on her. I think she has some stuff to show us that will blow us away but I'm not buying the Rocker Chick persona.
Anoop ~ Not a strong performance for him. I hope he stays around to show us his true talents.
Jorge ~ This poor guy. I think he sounded great, but then you look at him and wonder why he sings so clearly. The judges told him to get rid of his accent... and he did. I think it takes away from his appeal. Now he just sounds like all the other decent "white boys". The Judges screwed this one up.
Megan ~ I don't get this one at all. Cute girl, and that's about it. I don't like the tattooed arm (I'm not opposed to tats I just don't get the whole arm thing). It worked on Carly last year, but Megan doesn't pull it off for me. The hip twisting drives me crazy and I don't care for her singing. I would've much rather listened to Ricky Brady.
Adam ~ Wow, this guy has it all. Great stage presence, phenomenal voice. I sort of wonder what he looks like without all the makeup though, and I do NOT like the black nail polish. He'll be in the finals with Danny and deserves to be. I just wouldn't buy his music as his style doesn't appeal to ME. He is also my vote for "Least likely to use his stylist."
Matt ~ I like Matt. Definitely more comfortable behind the piano, which concerns me, but I would buy his music. I would also love to see him in action at the dueling piano bar he formerly worked at.
Alexis ~ Best Female in the group. She sure is getting in touch with her nasty side and it works for me. She's adorable and I can't wait to see what she does next.
The judges have a surprise for us tonight and I have all ideas that they are going to have some sort say in who gets voted off this season. I'll withhold judgement until I know the details.
Who do I think should go home tonight? Megan and Scott

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  1. I LOVE Adam and Danny! And Allison is great too, but I agree, I HATE her hair!


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