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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Social Network for Musicians

If you or someone you know is a musician of any sort and trying to get noticed and paid, I just may have the site you/they are looking for. Kerchoonz is a newly launched social network (still in beta) for all lovers of music to share. You can watch videos and download music and it's all free and legal. Kerchoonz has set up their network to share advertising revenues with it's artists, based on visits and downloads, thus allowing those of us who are on the listening end the ability to listen and watch videos at no cost.

I think this is a great opportunity for local bands, musicians and soloists to get their music heard all over the word. Back in the day, I used to love to go to the local "dive" bars with my friends to dance and listen to the local bands. You can bet that if Kerchoonz was available back then, I would have been encouraging my favorite groups to upload their music so I could listen to it whenever I wanted.

Kerchoonz also offers all the perks of the other social networks such as forums, groups, chat, games and friend making. If you are looking for social network that is built around great music, check them out. They also offer a referral bonus to their members. Even if you don't have music to share, you can make a little extra money by getting your favorite artists to sign up using a special referral link and get paid when they receive 5000 downloads.

Here's a video from the site...Enjoy!


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