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Friday, May 1, 2009

Is it Time?

With the economy the way that it is, I often find myself contemplating getting back into the workforce. There are 2 things holding me back.

1. I can NOT return to the restaurant business where I spent 17 years, my whole professional career. It is not conducive to family life (though many do it). The hours suck, and I refuse to miss all the kids extra curricular activities.

2. I don't want to. Not really a good excuse, but after paying for daycare and after school care for the kids, what would I really be bringing home after a mid-life career change?

LIGHTSHIP RESEARCH offers individuals a head start on the competition when looking for a career change or a better position. With their reverse headhunter strategies, they get you resume' out to companies you didn't even know were hiring. Rather than sitting at your computer all day scouring sites that offer job listings, you can let them be your JOB HUNTERS and match you with the appropriate people within your field.

Here's what one of their clients had to say...

I spent a month uploading my resume to job boards, filling out on-line job applications and sending resumes and cover letters to recruiters and I did not receive one call for an interview. None of them even have phone numbers. I have a house, two kids in college, three cars and I was burning, even being frugal, $15,000 a month. I felt like I was helpless and free falling. I lost my job as the President of a medium size consumer products company, when the parent sold my division to an Indian conglomerate. The strategist that I worked with Lightship Research had me in direct discussions with the owners and principals of private equity firms within two weeks. It took 56 days until I was gainfully employed and 68 days until I received my first paycheck. I truly believe that if I hadn’t hired these guys I would still be looking for a job. In fact, I may hire them to be a research resource for my new firm. Thanks!J. Holt, CT

I like the idea of letting someone else do that work for me, and if they know about jobs that aren't even advertised, think of the possibilities. I used to receive calls from headhunters all the time doing recruiting for other restaurants, it would be nice to think of someone calling businesses on my behalf to land me the perfect interview.

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