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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Nero d' Avola ~a Review

I mentioned a week or so ago about a fabulous wine I had for Girl's Night In. It was extremely enjoyable and I wanted to share. It was, however, GNI (where us Mommy's of the cul de sac get together for adult food, drinks and conversation and sometimes over indulge on all accounts, due to the fact that we walk home)so I thought I would get a new bottle (good excuse) and tell you all about it.
Ruggero di Tasso's Nero d' Avola
I love this wine. I was not familiar with the variety so I did some research.

Nero d' Avola has for a long time been the indigenous grape of Sicily. Mostly used in blends, to add a rich color and flavor to reds, the grape has come into its own in the past few decades and wines have been created with 100% of the varietal creating a wine dark in color and rich in flavor.

What I remembered most about the flavor was it's spiciness. Now as I sit enjoying another glass, I taste plum and oak as well. This is a very bold tasting wine and went extremely well with our fondue dinner the other night.

I must also mention that the first glass I had was from a bottle that had been opened 2 weeks prior and it was as good as the new bottle, maybe even better. I would also be amiss if I didn't mention that this particular bottle was purchased at Trader Joe's for $4.99. So you have no reason not to try it...unless you are unfortunate, and don't have a TJ's near you.

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