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Friday, May 1, 2009

Where Do You Cut Costs?

I'm in no way a penny pincher...though I should be. I've never been organized enough to clip coupons, although I've tried. I do look for good deals on food and paper products and try to stock up when regularly used items are on sale. The biggest area I save money is on things for myself. More like, I never shop for myself unless there is a need for a specific item. I'm curious to know what all the frugal moms spend on their hair. I mention this because I have a very good, thrifty friend who buys clothes for her kids and herself at the thrift stores (and they are always very well dressed) but will think nothing about dropping $100 for a hair cut and color.

I'm getting ready for summer and got a haircut yesterday for $14 and came home and colored it for $3. Including tip, I spent $23 for a cut and color. I need some other summer apparel and went looking for some sandals today. I'm not a shoe collector, but enjoy a couple cute new pairs of shoes and sandals every now and then. Besides my favorite sandals broke at the end of last summer. I happened across a site offering great prices on tons of different sandals and I really like these

At $10, I can fit a couple pairs into my budget.

So, Frugal Mom's, where do you save the most money? Groceries? Stuff for the kids? Or do you, also, tend to neglect yourself like I do? Tell me.



  1. Well you know that I neglect myself. I haven't even had a haircut in WELL over a year. I try and buys clothes and such either on clearance or at the consignment shops. I love clothes and shoes for myself but won't spend much over $10 for each item and am THRILLED when I find something for far less.

    When Abby was born we really cut out a lot of things so that I could stay home. I stopped going to get my nails done. We dropped the cable back to the bare premium channels and no DVR. We have no long distance on our phone, just use the cell phones to call long distance when it is free, we don't even have texting on our phones....just an extra expense that we don't need. We rarely take a "vacation". Both our cars are paid for so as much as we would like to have a nice new or newer car...we don't want the car payments. I buy a lot of generic groceries and only buy the cheapest items. Oh and we try to limit the times we eat out, maybe only once a week or every other week.

  2. I love to shop but unfortunately, that is the area we have to cut the most. Oy. It is painful.

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  4. i often scrimp on myself but splurge for my daughter and other family members.but sometimes when our finances allow,i get myself some pampering like a good haircut,diamond peel & facial services.lately i got myself a nice bag that i really wanted.good thing it wasn't that expensive but with good quality and workmanship.i worked hard for it anyway so i think i deserve some good stuff sometimes that aren't so cheap (but at least would last longer).i believe we,women must not forget about ourselves this way.i am frugal but i'm a smart the way,those sandals look great at $10!it wouldn't hurt to buy it. =)

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  7. Ohhh yeah I need to cut on buying new clothes and shoes and limit it to once a month. I have been successful for the past 3 months though I hope I can last for longer!

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