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Monday, May 18, 2009

Wine Corks, Not Just for Preserving Wine

I'm in transition.

Several people get sent to this blog for the wine reviews and recipes through google and yahoo. I also have some readers who come back and comment that they think this is a wine blog, and want more wine stuff. As you know by my reviews, I am anything but a great wine Reviewer, you can find those here and here. What I am is a Mom who enjoys a glass or 3 of wine at the end of the day. I enjoy talking about wine and sharing. I do it in Mom-next-door terms like yummy, spicy and fruity verses talking about tannins and "old world dirt" flavors. If you want to know what the uneducated (in wine) people think, explained in terms you can understand, I'm your gal.
That being said, and with no firm promises to offer you. I will transition this blog to reflect more of my love for wine and all the things you can do with those empty bottles, corks, foils and labels. A little more wine, a little less of the kids. If you need to get an update on my parenting, you can now go here.
To kick this off, I went in search of the ultimate project for your wine paraphernalia and I do believe I found it. I can not properly give credit as the individual is only known as John D. over at Strat's Place. This guy did an amazing job. Read what he had to say:

John writes .. We started saving corks over 20 years ago and finally started covering one whole wall in our bar with them on New Years' Day this year. It took me two months to complete, working about 10 to 12 hours each weekend on it. As the years went on, we had a lot of people start saving corks for us, plus we went to a lot of wine tastings where we collected corks from all the wineries represented. I want it to be clearly known that we didn't drink all of these ourselves!!--Hahaha!
I used corks cut in half as the border all the way around and champagne corks on their ends around the central mirror. All the other corks are whole---give or take some trimming to make things line up. I am sending you a picture of my cork supply
before I started, and also a couple of the completed wall.

Now, take a look at this...

How flippin' cool is that? I may have to redo my kitchen. I really love this look.
Okay. You've officially been warned that Wine at Five? is going to get crafty. I've found some other uses for corks I'm going to try and share. I just need a project for the foils. Anyone have any ideas?

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