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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hackers are Everywhere

Why do hackers hack? I understand the monetary component of hacking someone's system and gaining banking and credit card info, but why hack into e-mail and send out e-mails supposedly from someone else? Do the hackers feel that if they use my (yes, it happened to me a couple months back) e-mail that they are more likely to get a sale on the electronics then if they send their own e-mails? What about hacking Facebook accounts? I received a message in my inbox a while back from an old schoolmate that, although we are friends on FB, I have yet to have a single conversation with or even leave a comment for. It turns out it was a scam and someone had hacked his account. Yesterday another friend got hacked on FB and a video was posted, supposedly by her, by someone else. So why?

Companies actually hire hackers to investigate their systems to determine where they need more security. How fun would that be? With EC-Council you can enroll in classes to become an Ethical Hacker. Course subjects include

*Security Fundamentals
*Ethical hacking
*Penetration Testing
*Computer Forensics
*Disaster Recovery
*Secure Coding

Landing a job with a company and being responsible for the integrity of their IT Security would surely be an exciting and challenging career, not to mention that it is one of the professions that has actually seen an increase in salaries in these troubled times.

So, to all you hackers that are hacking for no apparent reason other than enjoyment, maybe you could put your skills to good use and get a great paying job with a rewarding future?


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