Mome reads Mommy, My daughter's way to spell it when she was younger... It stuck. My son calls me Mome... just like it looks. I now sign all my notes to them "Love, Mome". It's our inside secret and makes them smile. I always want them to smile.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

It's Not Supposed to Look Like This

I can not believe a week has gone by and I almost totally forgot to tell you the big news. That'll teach me to go days without wine. I obviously think better when I have my daily dose. Last weekend we were graced by the Tooth Fairy, not once, but two nights in a row!
If you saw my earlier post for WW (a couple weeks ago, and the picture was from March) you'll know that my darling baby boy was growing his permanent teeth right smack dab behind those little baby buggers. We had been to the dentist who just told him to wiggle them. He wouldn't touch them or let anyone else. We would convince him that we needed to help him brush to make sure we got everything out from between the four teeth, but really we just wanted to put some force on them to make them come out. No luck.
Saturday night he was laying on the couch and decided it would be a good idea to chew on, of all things, a super ball. Now, you can say that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, but when I heard the popping noise a super ball makes when being split it two (yes, I know) I never even thought of the teeth. I immediately looked at him and whispered (so his sister wouldn't hear) "You broke it, didn't you?" He just nodded his head yes. I didn't want her to hear because it was actually her ball (we have several) and she is having some attachment issues (she's attached to whatever someone else has, especially if it's pink which the ball was)and I didn't want her to freak out. I got down in front of him with the intention of taking the ball slyly away to the trash without her seeing when I saw the blood. Not a lot, but enough that I knew. I said "Open your mouth." Sure enough the tooth (just one) was gone. I started looking around for it but couldn't find it. I told Boog he had lost his tooth and he just had this scared look on his face. I asked if he knew where it was and he opened his fist to show it to me. He thought he had broken it. His sister had to have some teeth pulled before she turned two and of course the roots were all still intact. When he saw how small his tooth was in comparison, he thought he had just broken it and therefor was afraid to show me. Poor thing. Once he realized it was the whole tooth he was pretty excited. I gave him a box I had gotten when he was 6 months old (he's a first child) and he quickly put his tooth in it. We went upstairs and laid it under his pillow. He didn't want the TF to take the box too so he wrote a note asking her to leave it.
The poor kid went to bed gripping the box under his pillow and as soon as he fell asleep I made the switch, tooth for cash. I sprinkled some fairy dust (glitter) under his pillow and around his head and in various spots across his bed and then went to do the same for his sister. When she lost (had extracted) her teeth, she was too young to know what the Tooth Fairy was, so we decided to keep her teeth until her brother lost his first tooth. Same thing there, swapped teeth for cash and sprinkled my Fairy dust.
They were so excited in the morning, except Boog thought the TF took his tooth and the box and left NOTHING! Since he was clutching the box when he fell asleep and I had to get it out of his grip to make the switch, his hand was still under the pillow. I put the box back and he must have swiped it right off the bed in his sleep. We found it on the floor under his bed.
The next day we were wrestling around and tooth number two came out, (YAY). Same thing as the night before, but he swiped it onto the floor before I made the swap so I had to crawl under the bed and get it.
Now the only thing I'm missing is the toothless photo. The other ones are already moving forward and I'm missing out on seeing my kid without his bottom front teeth:(. He's been put on notice...If I even see a speck of tooth popping through on the top before he loses one of those...I am so going to knock them out!


  1. Aw, that is too bad you don't get to see him with that toothless wonder look. They are so cute.

  2. Ah, the teeth. Definitely more trouble then they are worth. I am sorry you missed the toothless grin, but it makes it much easier to eat.

  3. I'm glad his teeth came out. That is nice that your daughter was able to have the tooth fairy come too. Hopefully you don't miss out on the two top teeth picture. My daughter lost the top two a couple of yrs. ago and it was cute.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Both of my kids have had the same thing happen, my son will require braces, it's already been confirmed and my daughter's baby teeth just finally fell out so hopefully maybe hers will move forward some on their own. Good luck!

  5. I have two kids that have lost teeth and this has happened to both of them. They have not lost there teeth and the adult teeth are growing it. Eventually the baby teeth have come out. The baby teeth always have fallen out before the adult teeth have grown in completely!

  6. My son lost two teeth last week and swallowed them both! He was so upset but he was still visited by the tooth fairy.


    P.S. I am over visiting and checking out your blog from Harriet's 1000 Comment Challenge.

  7. The fairy tooth is gone.

    Thanks for the comment you left. I do appreciated that. Is that annoying that somebody loves to drop? For me, I will be thankful, at least, somebody visited. But it is not obligatory to leave a message. It's the reader's discretion.


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