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Friday, June 19, 2009

The Domain Renewal Hassle and How to Avoid It.

Oh my. I've been sitting on a renewal notice for this blog for far too long. I think I was down to 3 days, yikes. I originally registered this domain through bravenet and received a letter more than a month back reminding me to renew. I got an e-mail at 30 days, 14 days, and 7 days. I went into my bravenet account, selected manage domains, clicked on renew, and renewed for 2 more years (so you're stuck with me). That is NOT the hassle I'm referring to. It was simple as pie.

I then decided to renew my other blog (which comes up for renewal in early August). That domain was registered with GoDaddy, through Google (blogger). To find where to renew is like pulling teeth, except it took longer. I searched all through my google account with no luck. Used google search to search google for info typing in "renew google domain" I got a message that no queries matched my search. I knew it was registered with GoDaddy so I called them and they looked it up and told me it had to be renewed through google. I jokingly asked if she had a number...she didn't. I continued with a web search and found several posts in forums and on blogs of people who have had the same problem, hmmm. One poor woman was sent a link to renew 3 days before expiration and the link was wrong. When she finally got an answer and a corrected link to renew, her domain had already expired and she was told to contact GoDaddy directly, I'm not sure what happened after that, she never posted to that particular forum again. What I did get from that post was a link for her renewal. On a hunch, I copied the link, substituted my domain where hers was and was taken directly to google checkout and a 1 year renewal of my blog. I was hoping to renew for 2 but after all the time I had spent, I was just happy to renew. Period. Here's the link .

It's the only thing I found to renew and if anyone knows how I can renew for more than one year, I'd appreciate it. My renewal date was 8/8 and is now 6/19, so I figure by being proactive I list 2 months? I love the blogger platform but really? I'm now set up to auto renew but if google penalizes for short term blogs, they should make it easier to elongate the subscription, right? Maybe I'm just missing something.


  1. Thank you for the tip. I'm saving that in a folder for future reference. :)

  2. Thank you for the tip. I'm saving that in a folder for future reference. :)


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