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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bad Gal Says ~ Wine Reviews

I've mentioned before that the BEST thing about blogging is the relationships you create with others. I don't know if it's the ability to speak your mind, uninterrupted, that gets others to listen or just being able to get a glimpse into someone else's life or passions that has us always coming back for more.

There are blogs that I have visited since day one and other new ones that I find, and can relate to, daily. It's the first group that inspires me to be a better writer and always be on the search for new and interesting material.

I recently opened dialogue with one of those writers that have inspired me. I've visited her since I began blogging and have been in awe of her writing, her ability to explain every detail, and her "tell it like it is" approach. She doesn't hold back. She makes her opinions clear and reads right through the bull in any story (or comment). She brings us stories on a variety of topics and keeps us coming back for more.

When she offered to do a guest post I gladly accepted, I'm just honored to have her. So, I present MY FIRST GUEST POST from a Bad Gal I'd love to share some wine with...
Take it RE~

I Love Sparkling Wines - I prefer Muscat Varieties and absolutely fell in love with Moscato D'Asti. you can see it on the top shelf near the right end.

Recently I celebrated my birthday and since I love to celebrate, I decided to do a week of wine tasting. that's not unusual for me, but all of the same variety from different vintages, well now that was the trick.

I wanted to taste Italian Wines with sparkle and shimmer. wines that would delight my tongue and bring a smile to my face. I also didn't want to break the bank on this little late nite party. so I set some parameters

  1. No wine above $15.00 a Bottle even if on sale

  2. Must be Sparkling and Muscat Varieties

  3. Should be vintage 2002 - 2008.

now that sounds simple right ?
well lets let you try and pull it off using stores you normally shop at;
as well as exploring bottles and vinters you've never tried before.

now the task takes on some proportions.
First we decided to narrow our search down to the best places that we shop;
with great wine selections - easy for us. we shop at fancy fruit markets and
also Trader Joes. both have adequate wine selections and several Moscato D'Asti's. who woulda thought it.

next we pick one bottle eachtime we hit the store, to add to the tasting pool.
we decide to cap it at 4 bottles. yes there is a bottle still left in the fridge which we will be opening later for the final tasting - so it's not included in this review of The first three. if you'll be a lil patient we'll be adding it to the list later.

On My Birthday We opened the First Bottle :

La Serra Moscato D'Asti - vintage 2008

  • $12.99 on sale pre-chilled in the cooler

Tasting Notes - Made solely from the Moscato grape, La Serra offers sensations of fresh exotic fruit. Intense, full, and harmonious on the palate, it is an excellent dessert wine with biscuits, dry cakes and fruit. Slightly frizzante

This is an absolutely delicious wine. Fruity, but not syrupy. crisp and bubbly. I enjoyed it late in the evening in a large chilled glass. it helped me get alot of ec dropping done : ) with a smile left over. the notes of strawberry and rich but tart grape were memorable enough, to prompt me to return back to the store in search of another bottle.. alas it was all sold out..

we got this one at our fancy schmancy fruit market - Western Market in Ferndale, Mi. (that's the pic at the top)

Day Three we Popped another cork -

this time it was Moscadoro Piemonte Moscato vintage 2004

  • $12.99 on sale pre-chilled in the cooler

This is not an easy wine to locate - so when I saw it, there was pure joy.
Again we found this wine at Western Market in Ferndale, MI. - they have a great supplier.

When I saw it, my heart went pitter patter as my hands carefully removed it from the highest shelf, and gently placed it into my basket for it's trip to the fridge at my house. I know about this particular wine from my friend Frank who owns Marios; around the corner from my house in the D. it's on their specials list, and they sell it for $24.99 a bottle, in the dining room. Yeah..

this is the online review -


  • 100% White Moscato from the hills surrounding the Canelli, Nizza and Monferrato

  • Soft pressing of the grapes to avoid crushing

  • Brilliant with a golden yellow color. Intense, fragrant, delicate aroma of Moscato with a very elegant bouquet reminiscent of orange-blossom, peach and honey

  • Pleasantly sweet, aromatic, round, it gives a creamy sensation on the palate

  • Excellent balance between natural grape sugar and acidity

  • Accompaniment: perfect for an extensive range of desserts, fresh fruit or by itself

    • I can tell you, this is a perfect wine for Sipping and as well a great Dessert choice. It went down like silk and honey. the bubbles caressing my tongue were like a decadent pleasure that one should only share with the most delicious of wines... or men.

      "OOOOOOOO...." at $12.99 it was a bargain on sale. if I find it again, believe Me, this one will be added to my rack.

      and finally for day three of my Birthday tasting I guzzled a bottle of Deliciousness,, well almost the whole bottle. .

      Tintero Moscato D'Asti -Vintage 2004

      • $ 12.99 on the shelf near bubbly @ all Trader Joes Markets

      This is sooooooooooooo Delicious. it's sinful in your mouth..

      This Fabulous sparkling wine tastes of Melon, Honey and Flowers. the grapes were lightly pressed to preserve the lightness and sweetness. the color is Rich and Golden; like honey. at $12.99 a bottle it was a real bargain. I can enjoy this vintage as often as I like; since it's easily located on the shelf at my local Trader Joes. I was so happy to find it and to know that I can get a delicious bottle of Moscato D'Asti without breaking the $20.00 barrier.

      I prefer Sweet Wines. it's an aquired taste and many never get it. the color and the sweetness are enticing to me. I love the way they caress the flute and tickle your nose gently with effervesence. Summer, Spring or Fall this in a great choice

      Vintage 2006

      Type White - Sparkling

      Producer Azienda Agricola Tintero Elvio di Tintero Paolo

      Variety Moscato

      Designation Sori Gramella

      Vineyard n/a

      Country Italy

      Region Piedmont

      SubRegion Asti

      Appellation Moscato d'Asti

      For Me, Sparkling Wines do it Best,

      Bon Appetito ! // EntrePOD // BadGalSays

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