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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Barefoot Zinfandel Review and Some Info on Hangovers

Finding affordable wines that taste great is a guilty pleasure of mine. I'm always quick to boast about my great finds to friends and family while watching them shake their heads in dis-belief that a $5 wine could be any good. They are slowly but surely seeing the light. What, in the past, would be a sure indicator of a bad or poorly harvested wine, price is no longer a determination on the flavor and quality of wine. Sure, there are some pretty bad, low cost wines but there are other failures with high price tags as well. I'd rather get stuck with a $5 loser than a $30 one.
Barefoot Wines have never disappointed me. Originally being able to only get the Merlot and Cabernet in my area, the choices have broadened and the new selections are even better than the firsts. For $5.69 a bottle ($10.99 for a 1.5L) the price is in no way indicative of the quality.
Winemaker's Notes (Jen Wall): Medium to full body, balanced tannins. Dark berries, plum jam and notes of prunes. White pepper and varietal spices complement the chocolate mocha flavors and lingering jammy finish.

I really enjoy the spiciness of this Zin and it goes well with any food but is also a treat on it's own. It is smooth and bold without being overpowering. At close to my $5/per bottle preference, it is definitely a best buy for Zinfandel's.

While were talking about inexpensive wines, I was having a conversation the other night at the Twitter Moms Wine Tasting about a specific wine variey (not Barefoot) that always gives me a hangover, regardless of the amount I drink. The individual that was drinking it made the comment that it was a "cheap wine and they always cause hangovers." I've heard this before but totally disagree...with the cheap part. I'm the Queen of under $5 wine and rarely get any resemblance of hangovers. I had to know what caused this with certain wines.

Red wines are almost always matured in oak barrels and should be matured for at least 3 years to avoid the higher level of nasties that cause these hangovers. The "rule" is that if stored for only six months. wines should be suitable for consumption within the first year. If stored for a year, the wine should continue maturing for at least four to neutralize the nasties into stable substances which do not cause hangovers. Some winemakers add oak chips directly to the wine for flavor which takes years to neutralize.

The next time you think your hangover is due to the amount you paid for your wine, think again. Maybe a little research into their bottling practices would give you a better idea of whether it was the wine...or the amount (consumption not price).
A special Thanks to Lauren & Friends at Barefoot Wine and Bubbly for sharing this bottle with me. It was truly enjoyable.

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