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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th and Who Grills Your Steak

I was recently having a FB or Twitter conversation about grilling and thought I'd share my views here. While I love to go to Summer Cook-outs, it's rare that I find someone who can cook food to my preferences. Why does everyone insist on cooking everything well done? Do they prefer them that way or were they in a hurry (which really makes no sense since it takes longest to do well done)? Maybe they are occupied doing other things and forget about them? Isn't the "grill master" the one who never leaves the grill. gets others to bring him his beers, because he is grilling? I mention all this because I am not a fan of well done anything. Hubster's family is all about the well done. Hamburgers, steak and even chicken has all the juices sucked right out of them.

I am gracious at cookouts and eat whatever is made, burnt or not, and always compliment the chef, but at family cookouts (unless it's my family, we all grill things the same) I will not let anyone tough my meat on the grill. Say we're at my In-laws. I am now in charge of making the burger patties. Hubster is in charge of grilling and he puts all burgers on the grill except mine. When he flips everyone else's, he calls to let me know I can put mine on. Mine is still ready with everyone else's.

Steaks I am very picky about. Yes, I've eaten way too many well done steaks to tolerate it any further. I do not like it any more than medium and prefer medium rare. I do not want my steak flipped a gazillion times, I want those pretty little criss-crosses on both sides. I cook my own. I also seem to digest "less cooked" meat better than the well done variety. Take a med-rare steak and a bottle of red wine and you can skip the Colonix the following morning.

We had a restaurant nearby that offered a large indoor grill and a cooler full of fresh cut steaks. You would pick out your steak, grab your favorite beverage, and head to the grill to grill your own. While some thought it was a less than ideal "eating out" experience, it was, by far, our favorite restaurant. We'd stand around and chat with complete strangers at the grill. In my opinion, they had the best steaks in town, and the cook was Fabulous!

When heading out to your cook-out today, or hosting your own, don't be intimidated by my thoughts, I really will eat anything, I just prefer my meat at certain temps. I think I'll borrow my FIL's large pig cooker grill next year and have everyone bring their own meat/chicken and let everyone grill their own. It really is a lot of fun.

Have a happy 4th and eat some great food...even if you have to cook it yourself!

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