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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Marcus James Malbec ~ Wine Review

In my infinite search for great wine under $5, I've recently become aware of and a fan of Marcus James. My local store must have been depleting their inventory of the Marcus James Merlot because, up until 3 weeks ago, a 1.5 litre (equal to 2 bottles) was selling for under $7. I think I may have bought them all. Yesterday I noticed a new label and and was excited to be able to try the Marcus James Malbec.
Priced at just under $10 for the BIG bottle, it is definitely a great buy.

On immediate opening of the bottle the original aroma was grape juice and I was a little leery. I let it breathe for a few and on second sniff (yes, I am actually sniffing wine now) I caught an aroma of berry, cherry and pepper . A very different aroma from the first sniff.

It's flavor is a little lighter than other Malbecs I've tasted but enjoyable nonetheless. It was light and inviting and went very well with the spaghetti and french bread we had for dinner. The subtle spiciness complimented rather than overpowered the sauce, loaded with garlic and crushed red pepper. It also gained strength as it sat.

This bottle will last for the next couple days and I am eager to see how the taste changes over the course of it's short life on my counter. I'll update after the last glass.

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