Mome reads Mommy, My daughter's way to spell it when she was younger... It stuck. My son calls me Mome... just like it looks. I now sign all my notes to them "Love, Mome". It's our inside secret and makes them smile. I always want them to smile.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Great Friends, Food and Wine

We had another Girls Night In last night. We've changed up our program a little. In the past we have all made a dish, either entree, salad (side), or dessert, and the fourth person was in charge of beverages. After last months dinner out, we decided that it would be fun to cook together. Kathy, our food coordinator, was nice enough to look up recipes that were 30 minutes or less. She sent (e-mailed) each of us a list of ingredients to bring and we took over the kitchen at Becky's house and made a fabulous meal.

Upon arrival, we all poured a glass of wine. A selection of white, red and blush was available to choose from.

We were then given the specific directions for each of our meals and started the cooking. Kathy brought portabella caps stuffed with sausage, cream cheese and rotelle tomatoes that only needed to be heated. We enjoyed these while we cooked the rest of the meal. Beth was in charge of the salad which consisted of romaine lettuce, bacon, chopped walnuts, onion and bleu cheese crumbles topped with a warm bacon and brown sugar vinaigrette. The dressing overcooked a little while we focused on other things (like drinking and laughing) but we found that a little sauvignon blanc was all it needed to thin it out.

I was in charge of the entree.
We had pan seared chicken breasts, liberally seasoned with a mixture of garlic, onion, pepper, and oregano and then topped with thin slices of Camembert cheese. The chicken was succulent and tasty. The Camembert was mild enough so as not to overpower the flavor of the chicken but instead complimented it.

The conversation was wonderful. Adult time! Women time! Mommy time! We talked about everything from dieting, exercise,and weight loss pills to kids, husbands and sex.

We had so much fun! This will be a new monthly post. We (I) will share our meals. Tell you what worked and what didn't, and share some great new recipes and wines.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Little Break...

Wow. Summer is almost done. Boog starts school September 8th and while all the school shopping is done, I'm getting a little sad that he is going to, again, be gone all day. I thought I would dread this Summer after being spoiled with just one kid all school year. The kids did fight...quite a bit, but it's usual kid behavior and while I'm excited for him to start first grade, I'm going to miss the extra hugs and kisses I've gotten all summer long. So I'm taking a little break to enjoy the rest of the summer while we can. I won't be gone completely, but am going to put the brakes on for a few.

PS... The latex test came back negative. We taped(with a large bandage) a fresh beach ball (part of it) to his arm and the next morning...nothing! Good to know that's not it. The other suggestion was mold. We have a playdate at Chuck E Cheese tomorrow and will see how he is...benedryl in hand.

Enjoy the rest of the summer!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dream Vacation

Where would your Dream Vacation be to? If all our appliances keep breaking down, the only vacations we are going to take will be the ones in our dreams...or an overnight camping trip in our backyard.
I try to learn something new each day. You want to know what I learned today? I learned about a flesh eating disease and more about MRSA from Oprah and Dr. Oz. All I can say is "Ewww" but good to know. I also learned (not from Oprah) that Switzerland is one of the most environmentally friendly countries in the world.
Travelling to sustainable Switzerland for a vacation would provide breathtaking views as well as a learning opportunity on "green" living. Every water source in Switzerland is drinkable. EVERY water source, including all the lakes. Can't say that for the water around here. Their electric train service picks up at least once every hour, making it the most convenient choice for commuters and tourists alike. No nation travels farther by train than the Swiss. Switzerland also holds the record for glass recycling. 96.6% of all the glass is recycled into new bottles which uses three fourths of the energy needed to make new glass.
From Beaches to mountains, hiking, whitewater rafting and skiing are just some of the things you'll have to choose from. Wildlife walks and Zoos are always great places for children and the fabulous wine, cheese and chocolate shops are fun for the grownups. With something for everyone to enjoy, and the beauty of the land and it's people, Switzerland has become my new "Dream Vacation."


The Latex Test

I think I mentioned before that we think Boogie has developed an allergy to...well, were really not sure. It's started since school let out and the first instance was at the play area at the mall. We've been taking him there since he was 6 months old. Now, at 6, within 20 minutes of arriving, his eyes get puffy and tear, he gets congested, and gets a cough. The same has happened at the Chick-fil-a play area, and at Chuck E Cheese. We also noticed it, but to a lesser degree, when he and the neighbor were playing with a brand new beach ball. The doctor suggested today that we do a latex test. He meant "we" as in "do it at home yourself". He said we should probably know if it's latex in case he ever has surgery, but wasn't worried enough to DO a test.

Tonight, before bed, we will take a piece of a beach ball, fresh out of the package, and tape it to Boogie's arm. If it's red in the morning, then we know he IS allergic and can let whoever needs to know, know. Pretty scientific...don't you think?

How Many Remotes Does It Take?

Crazy...don't you think?

We have remotes for everything. TV's, DVD players, Harmon Karden, game systems, and we even have a remote for a fan we use to use in the living room as it is the only room without a ceiling fan. We stopped using it once we figured out it wasn't a ghost turning it on and off but rather the TV remote which was getting picked up by the fan's LED sensor. Yep, every time we changed the channel the fan would change speed or turn off. Funny right? Almost as funny as when we thought our Wii was busted just before Christmas, with several games already purchased as gifts. Turns out that the Wii sensor bar is pretty sensitive too. We couldn't get the wiimotes to work properly because the sensor bar was picking up the LED's in the Christmas tree lights. Now that you've had your laugh...

Yamaha neoHD is all your remotes in one. You no longer will have to search high and low for the missing DVD remote (it's not just it?)but instead can program one remote to control all your entertainment components. Hubster has a remote that he has programmed for the DVD and TV and prefers to use it because of it's "light up" feature. He swears this makes it easier to see. It isn't programmed for the cable though, so it's just another remote to get lost. The neoHD has a virtual remote that shows at the bottom of your TV screen for ease of switching between components. Hubster will like that...a LOT!

You can become a fan of neoHD on facebook and stay up-to-date on the latest technology and share with other remote obsessed individuals. I prefer one to do it all. How 'bout you? How many remotes do you need?


Packing Healthy Lunches

With the new school year approaching, I've got my head spinning with new and creative ideas to make Boogie's lunch fun and healthy for him. Last year, in Kindergarten, they also had an afternoon snack which provided another opportunity to get some healthy food in him. Some days he would come home with his lunch box empty and other days half his lunch would still be inside.

As part of the WB Word of Mouth Team, I'm excited about the new promotion sponsored by Safeway and Warner Brothers, and featured on Momlogic. Safeway and WB are teaming up to create and make available healthy snack options for busy moms. Single servings of grapes and cheese, carrots with fat free ranch and apples with peanut butter are just a few of the choices available in the Looney Tunes Eating Right Kids program. Boogie loves all of these selections and it's always convenient to pack one in his lunch without hassle. Including some of his favorite Looney Tunes characters is just a bonus. Momlogic will also feature healthy recipes on an Eating Right blog, written by Haylie Pomroy, to offer more options when packing the kids lunches this year.

It's true what they say about continuously offering different fruits and veggies at meal times to get the kids to eat them. Boogie was a very picky eater up to this last year. He is now getting better at trying new things and finding out that he likes stuff he never thought he would. On one of our recent Friday Movie Nights, I wanted something other than our usual pepperoni pizza and suggested Tacos to the Hubster. He thought it sounded good but we were both pretty sure that we would have to make something else for our oldest. He surprised us. Not only did he try the meat, which in the past he has shied away from, but when given the opportunity to "build" his own taco, he opted to add tomato and onions, which we had available, and now actually requests tacos on Movie night. This is the only meal he will eat tomatoes far.

Getting creative is one of the ways we get our kids to make healthy choices, always searching for new ideas to make meals fun and enjoyable increases the chances that our efforts will pay off.

For more ideas on getting kids to eat righ visit these posts

Discounts and Coupons...FOR WINE

Woo Hoo.

When it comes to wine I'm always in search for the best deals, so when I came across couponchief's wine page I was in heaven. With all sorts of discounts from shipping to purchases to gift baskets, they have it all.

I know I've put myself out there as the Queen of the Under $5 wines, and it's true. For my own personal consumption, I try to find great wines in that range. I found Golden Gates Wines on sale at the grocery store the other day, 3 for $10, and quickly snatched up 3 different varietals. I think I'll go back today for 6 more as we enjoyed them over the weekend when my brother was visiting. When I buy wines for others as gifts or to take to a dinner party, I splurge and shop in the $10-$20 range. I guess I'm the type of person who would rather spend on others than myself.

For years I sent my parents a membership to the wine of the month clubs. They really enjoyed getting a package each month containing two wines (a red and a white) and it gave them the opportunity to try different wines. Couponchief even has discounts for the wine clubs such as shipping discounts and 10% off 6 or 12 month memberships.

Go ahead, you know you want to take a peek. With these discounts I may even splurge a little on myself...I deserve it!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Big Brother ~ Nice Guys DO Finish First

Yes. I've been watching Big Brother this season. I'm thinking of getting some miracle
face wrinkle cream, to take off 15 years, and waiting outside the door to take Jeff away from Jordan. Not really, they make an adorable couple. Time will tell if it works out, he seems more into her than she in him.

Jeff is the All American Nice Guy. He hasn't blown up on anybody, he GAVE the HOH competition to Jordan, He's HOT and I don't think he would lose against any of the remaining house guests. He just has to get to the finals. No one should be foolish enough to take him to the final two, I'm curious to know if Jordan will/would if given the chance. It's getting close and I'm glued to the couch for every episode.

Who's your fav?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wine Discussion

I just got home from work and selling extended warranties on electronics got me thinking...

We frequently shop for the best insurance quotes for medical, life, auto and home or renter's insurance. We are now given warranties as well as the ability to purchase extended warranties on all electronics and household appliances, as well as all vehicles. What about consumable purchases? Obviously if we are dining out and are unsatisfied with a meal or beverage, most restaurants will replace the item or refund the cost. I'm the queen of wine under $5 so I don't really expect any guarantees, but what about the $100 or more bottles of wine? While I haven't personally heard of any guarantees, what do those of you that drink high end wines base your purchases on? Do you have to try a wine before you would put out $100 for a bottle? Would you trust the word of others? With no guarantee, what is the most you would pay for a bottle and how upset would you be if it turned out un-drinkable?

Let me know your thoughts..

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away

Went to a Sunday School picnic today and let the kids run around on the playground. We visited the snakes, turtles and frogs in the nature center to get out of the 95 degree heat and humidity. Had a wonderful lunch with even better homemade desserts. Now we are home, the rain has begun and the kids are entertaining us with their silly selves. Ribs are cooking in the oven, and the wine has been poured. It's been almost a week since I've partook of my favorite beverage. The cough syrup with codeine that I got yesterday has me thinking I'd like to celebrate! Here's to the weekend. Hope everyone has a good one.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Looking Back

The older I get the more I understand things that either didn't phase me, as a kid, or "get" things that didn't make a bit of sense. For instance...

At the age of 9 I had 8 teeth pulled. It was no big deal to me, but as a parent who's own child has had teeth pulled, I wonder what my parent's were really feeling. It's heartbreaking.

My mother was a SAHM. While I didn't realize what she went through, I knew I never wanted to be one. I wanted to have a career and be dependant on No one. Then I had a child and quickly felt unfulfilled by my career and determined that the only way I would find true happiness was to be at home to raise my any cost.

My mother was very protective over us when it came to someone hurting our feelings. If I had a name-calling spat with a friend (at say, 5), I was not allowed to play with that friend for the rest of the day. It frustrated me to no end. As a parent, I have to bite my tongue to not make the same mistake with my kids. Sometimes the neighbor kids get bossy or upset and threaten to leave. I watch my kids give in so they will stay. It takes everything I've got to let them work it out and not open the door for the kid making threats to get their way.

At 9 I took over the responsibility of doing my own laundry, I wished and wished that the washer or dryer would break down. Last week I got a new dryer...and couldn't be more thrilled.

Every day when my step father returned from work, the first thing he would do was make martinis for he and my mother. It's just what they did, I didn't give it much thought. Today that tradition has been carried over and I realize that it's a nice adult treat to celebrate making it through another day.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Have You Seen This?

I'm a reality TV fan. Not a junkie... a fan. There are certain shows I enjoy, and some I feel are ridiculous. I like to watch the human nature that materializes in different situations. I'm also trying to figure out which show I could win and get the most amount of money...just kidding...sort of.

I don't have big reactions to most regular shows. Sure, I'll get teary during a good Lifetime movie, but rarely do I ever display any other emotion watching any shows other than Reality shows. I was cheering last night when Chima got expelled on Big Brother...what was she thinking? Wonder what she'll think of herself when she sees the footage. I also cheer on my favorites during American Idol and have not-so-nice things to say if one of them gets voted off.

If you're looking for something to watch that will evoke some emotion, you need to try out
the truTV effect . I watched several of these videos (online) earlier (waiting for the Hot toddy to kick in) and found myself squirming to untangle my (imaginary) parachute while watching the skydiving video, laughing at the woman trying to get in the Guinness Books for largest breasts, and ducking while punches were being thrown on the oil rigs. TruTV is not only's actual. Real stories while they are happening. No editing, no scripts, no rules. It's like watching only the best parts of news reporting. TruTV is, locally, channel 57 for Cox subscribers, one of our most watched channels.

Not intended for children, TruTV will get your blood going. When the stories are real, the effect is actual. Try it for yourself and let me know what happens.


Dentist Appointment Update and a Plea

So the kids had their routine Dentist appointments today. We've had several issues with both kids and their teeth, but nothing was worse than when Puddin' Pop had to have her front 2 teeth pulled. She was not quite 2 and it was by far the hardest Mommy moment I've had. I know there are a lot of people who go through much worse with their children, so I feel bad mentioning it...but it crushed my heart.

Today I was informed that Boogie will be having a tooth pulled possibly in October. He had a filling that fell out (to the Dentist's amazement) and then abscessed with a temporary filling on, before they could get the re-placement filling installed. A round of antibiotics and the Dentist decided that the tooth was loose and there was no need to fill it. They are now just waiting for the back molar to get in enough to gauge the spacing required after extraction. I'm pretty sure it will not be as traumatic as PP's as he can tell us what is going on, but...I still have to wonder if knowing what is going on makes it worse. I've had several teeth pulled (as a kid) and actually had 8 teeth pulled at one time. I was 9 or 10 and don't even remember any one making a big deal about it...but he's my baby boy.

I definitely see some good wine reviews that week as I will need wine for the courage to take him, and for the awful Mommy feeling I'll have after it's done. If you have any wine you'd like to share or have reviewed...I'm your gal!

Funny Signs

This cough is killing me. The past two nights I've been awoken by my hacking cough and it's kept me up for hours in the middle of the night. Cough syrup isn't working. Tea (which I never drink) is soothing my throat, but the caffeine is keeping me up longer. Tonight I decided to fight the problem with Grand Marnier. I figure a splash or so in my tea should soothe my throat and help me sleep like a baby.

I stopped, on the way home from work, at the ABC store to get the Grand Marnier (or generic byproduct at half the cost) and saw the funniest sign. I wasn't clever enough to get a picture of it but it cracked me up. They obviously have had some theft issues and therefor are equipped with video surveillance equipment. On the exit door, on bright orange paper was a sign that read "Fix your make-up, Brush your hair. Stealing is against the law and we want you to look your best when your photo is aired on Crime Line." I had to stop and read that one. Then I looked for the camera. I wasn't stealing but...I surely wasn't looking my best either.

Wordless Wednesday ~ Trip to the Dentist

Wednesday's Whatever

Here's a few scattered thoughts while I'm still getting over whatever flu/cold bug that I encountered last week...

Thursday nights my Blogging Buddy Randy Watson (aka The Wine Whore) is doing live tastings for the world to see. It's been great fun chatting with "the girls" online while trying to get Randy to laugh and blow wine out his nose (totally NOT my idea, but funny all the same). Join us tomorrow at 7:30 EST for another show. They only last about 20 minutes and it's great fun. Also check out Randy's blog for the Scavenger Hunt that starts today. It's going to be a ton of fun!

Kids are off to the Dentist today. I'm thankful it's a routine cleaning and hope we will be dismissed for another 6 months. We haven't had a lot of luck with the kids teeth so far. Extra teeth, extraction's, a lost filling... the list goes on.

My neighbor is doing Weight Watchers online and has been quite successful with losing weight. Someone online was discussing fat burners and what they had found to be the best fat burner out of all the choices out there. I merely got a cold/flu and have lost 8 pounds in the last week. I admit I feel like crap, but the rewards are worth it, if only it would stay off. It's probably the wine I haven't been drinking that I refuse to neglect once I'm back to 100%, which hopefully is by tomorrow for the online wine tasting...See you there!

Friday, August 14, 2009

The Return of Blue Light Specials

Click HereWith kids and parents setting out this weekend to start, continue, or finish their back-to-school shopping, I would feel neglectful if I didn't make you aware of the return of Kmart Bluelight Specials. Tomorrow, August 15th, Kmart will be turning on the light and reducing supplies like backpacks by more than 50%. They will have specials on top of specials in the blue light sections and you won't want to miss them.

I am personally excited about the 70% off sale they are having on all their patio furniture and grills. I would love a nice table and chair set in the backyard and know we would cook out more on a new grill. We could enjoy those meals outside, if we had somewhere to eat. Right now the kids enjoy picnics in the yard on their card table that we take out for each event. It will be nice to have something appropriate for the yard that we don't have to take out and in each time.

With over 40 in-house specials, you'll want to stop by and see what is up for grabs. You can also follow Kmart on Twitter or check out their website for more specials.

Kmart has been offering blue light specials since I was a kid and is a company I trust to provide great savings for my family. See you at the sale!


Big Brother~ My Hero

So I've been keeping up with Big Brother this season and WOW, what a season it's been. With the announcement of the Coup D'etat power I hoped America would get it right and give it to Jeff. He was the only one I felt was brave enough to use it to shake up the house. America got it right and Jeff did exactly what I would have in his situation...Yay Jeff.
With Chima and Natalie alone in their alliance it will be interesting to see where all the floaters migrate. I see Chima pulling the girls and Kevin together leaving Jeff, Jordan and Russell still on the short end. I would love to see Kevin and Lydia show their gratefulness to Jeff by joining "the other side". So sorry to see Jesse go...NOT! That boy is a little smarter than last year but needs to stop the posing and get real. Russell is a little fire cracker but I like the way he stirs things up. Chima may be a strong woman, which I admire, but she is getting on my nerves trying to be too bossy. Did you see her direct Kevin on who to put up next in the HOH competition? And what was that comment to Jeff about talking to the producers as if he'd shared his secret? That has poor loser written all over it.

My vote goes to Jeff for the half million. Good Luck!

The Medicine Dilemma

I've spent the last two days feeling quite ill and the circumstance was made worse by the constant nagging from Hubster and his parents to take the prescription antibiotics prescribed to them. First of all, I'm not big on medicines to begin with. Sure, I'll take over-the-counter meds to mask the symptoms of colds and flu to be able to function and take care of my responsibilities, but I know masking is all they are doing and it will catch up to me soon enough.

Hubster started feeling ill on Tuesday and after having a conversation with his Mom, was convinced he had the same thing she had on Monday. She had apparently called her doctor, told the nurse her symptoms, and without being seen, was prescribed and antibiotic. When Hubster started feeling ill, she brought over some of her meds and insisted he would feel better if he took them. He also called the (same) Doctor, told the nurse his symptoms and was called in the same prescription.

Of course when I started feeling sick on Wednesday, everyone was sure it was the same thing and encouraged me to take Hubby's prescription. Ummm...NO. I really don't like the idea of taking meds prescribed to others, even if my symptoms are the same. They offered to call the doctors office (a doctor I've never been seen by) and were sure they could get the same prescription called in for me, since you should take it for the full ten days to make sure it gets rid of any bacteria lingering in your system after symptoms are gone. Am I the only one who thinks this is crazy? Why would I want a doctor I've never been to call me in a prescription for a condition that hasn't even been diagnosed? After being badgered for 2 days by Hubster and the In-laws I finally told ALL of them that I appreciated the offer, I wasn't going to take prescription medication prescribed to someone else, and to please stop asking me too. I think they finally got it.

Let it also be noted that this prescription is from the same doctor who over prescribed Ultram to Hubster causing him to have two seizures and a battery of tests before they figured it out last year.
Do you take medicines prescribed to others? Would you take medicine prescibed by a doctor who has never seen you and whom you don't trust?

Barefoot Bubbly Brut Cuvee ~ Review

I recently had the opportunity to try Barefoot's Bubbly Brut Cuvee and found it to be full of flavor and a refreshing alternative to my usual red wines. Thank You Barefoot for sharing this wine with me.

Jen's Winemaker Notes:
Our Bubbly Brut Cuvée adds a festive touch to occasions, whether it's a barbeque with friends or a quiet night in. Delightful aromas of tangy green apples and sweet jasmine kick things off, followed by the delicious flavors of kiwi and peach. Its long, fresh finish makes for a grand finale.

My Notes:

Color~ light yellowish hue with lots of bubbles and sparkle.

Aroma~ crisp, tingly, apples and peach

Taste~ Crisp apple and peach perfection. This champagne was fun and refreshing.

Vision~ No formal dresses or tuxedo shirts required. This low cost, festive beverage has me sitting at a Sunday brunch with my gal pals drinking it alone or in mimosas while eating and chatting. A good everyday champagne that's easy on the wallet and tastes more expensive.


Plan Toys Activity Bus ~ Review

What makes a good toy?

Plan Toys, makers of safe, green toys, sent us this Activity Bus through a toy website called ebeanstalk. Ebeanstalk has toy experts and moms that find great learning toys and baby toys through a toy testing program. We are part of that test group and are excited to share our findings with you.

The kids had been waiting patiently for the package to arrive. When we opened the box we saw this.

We opened the box and were pleased to see this sturdy school bus with built-in classroom. Boogie (age 6) was a little disappointed, he felt it was a toy for babies, but Puddin Pop (age 3) jumped right in and started playing. She played with this bus and it's people for over an hour right out of the box. She never even moved it off the kitchen table where we opened it.

As a parent, I'm impressed with the quality of this toy. It's wooden and crafted with opening doors, wheels that roll, little desks for the students, books (wooden) for the book shelves and a map board. Very simple pieces that encourage imaginative play with room to expand. By the time PP was finished, the bus had been a school bus, and Ice cream truck, and an ambulance. All the pieces fit securely back in the bus to avoid losing them.

Plan Toys are made from non-toxic, natural materials and abide by their own strict safety regulations to insure toys are safe for each age level.

I enjoyed watching and listening to PP's creative play with this toy and would encourage any parent to purchase this product for their child in the 2-4 age group. The box recommends ages 3+, but with supervision I think kids a little younger would find this bus fascinating, and as a parent you could encourage role playing and get the conversations going with your child to promote creative play.

My favorite part of this toy

How cute are these? With bendy arms and legs, the possibilities are endless. These are some of the more creative "people" I have seen and I think they are just adorable.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Weekend Weather

So I was looking at the weather forecast this morning on MSN. I probably shouldn't use MSN as a resource, because they are rarely correct, but If I watch the local meteorologists, their just as wrong and then I have a face (and name) to blame. The weather is calling for Thunderstorms today through Monday. It did start raining this evening around 5pm. MSN called for Thunderstorms starting at 9am this morning, we'll see what happens. Some people like to check their rain guards. My Father-in-law likes to joke about sending over and Ark. I like to make sure we (I) have plenty of wine and candles on hand. Candles because we seem to lose power quite frequently in the cul-de-sac, and wine for the obvious reasons, like kids stuck in the house all day and nothing to do after they go to the dark. What are your weekend plans?

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Smoking Loon Viognier ~ Wine Review

Holy smokes it's 98 degrees. We've actually been pretty lucky this summer with the heat as this is one of the hottest days all summer. As I drove home from work, ready for an adult beverage, I couldn't imagine drinking anything remotely close to room temperature, so I chose on e of the few whites in my collection, A Smoking Loon Viognier. I think this may be the first Viognier I've tasted, as I usually prefer Chardonnay in the heat.

Wine Taster's Notes~

Medium straw color with seductive floral aromas of
narcissus and jasmine. The palate is ripe with apricot,
white peach and guava nectar, while the honeyed finish
includes a kiss of clove spice.

My Notes~

Color~ It has a nice golden hue reminicent of my lovely Chards.

Aroma~ Very floral with hints of apple and peach. I don't get the smooth buttery scent of my usual whites.

Taste~ Ripe melon, apricot and peach with almost no after taste.

Vision~ Definitely a boat drink. This drink takes me back to our Caribbean cruise and lounging by the pool. It would be good on any boat, out on the water, relaxing and enjoying the view.

This was one of the discounted bottles from the local grocery store that we purchased for $4.74. It ranges from $9-$13 depending on where you are.

Try some for yourself.

I would gladly purchase this again to enjoy with some nice summer fare or with a nice spicy dish.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Empathy for Those with Extra Large Feet

While at work today I had a gentleman looking for shoes in a 14 wide. We carry up to size 13 and no wide (or narrow) are kept in stock. He was explaining how hard it was to find shoes. While I, personally, could not fully understand his problem, (I knew what it was, empathized with the problem, but have never had the problem myself) I thought of my Step-Mom, who has the same difficulties when shopping for shoes.

I remember the first time I became aware of her shoe problem. It was just before my wedding and she had come down to help me get some last minute things. We were out shopping and I found a pair of bridal shoes that matched my dress perfectly, pearls and all. I asked the sales person for a size 8.5 and listened as my Step-mom called me some less-than-polite names (all in fun). She explained that she could only get shoes in her size (9, extra narrow) in two different stores and they were over an hour away. She shopped once to twice a year and stocked up. She also had a "personal shopper" that she would call ahead of time to help her out.

I'm not a huge shoe person. I don't have a closet full and usually stick to the basics or buy shoes I like on sale. I couldn't imagine having to go out of my way just to find shoes that fit and be limited to the styles I could choose from.

Ironically, My step-mom called this evening to tell me she was planning one of her shoe trips this week. I hope she can find some pretty, comfortably, stylish shoes to fit her boats.

The Debate

We're having a little dilemma in the decorating department. I know, not really a wine post, but I could enjoy my wine more, and with more people if we could create some extra room. As it is our living room is pretty small. We have an entertainment center that takes up a large part of the room. The dilemma is whether or not to mount the TV or get one of those slim tv stands. The furniture now is all wood and most the stands I've seen for the flat panel TVs are glass. We also have a surround sound system, two game systems, games and several movies to store. Hmmm, what to do. I could really use some input here. Which do you have and which do you prefer. Have a glass of wine, mull it over and have your say.

Saturday Ramble

It's mid afternoon on Saturday and I just returned from my part time job to find the house EMPTY. Woo-hoo. Not only was I up early to enjoy some quiet before work, I now get more quiet time to myself? I must have died and gone to heaven. This is usually how I feel when left alone when Hubster takes the kids out to the park or to run errands. It lasts for about an hour, then I start calling to find out when they're coming home. Too much of a good thing is NO Good.

Ecostore USA is a company that makes household cleaners and bath products as well as pet shampoos and all their products boast their "no nasty chemicals" ingredients. If you would like to find out more and enter for a chance to win a $25 gift certificate, check it out at More Fun Than Allowed...with Kids.

I signed up for our local MS walk and am awaiting my package to start raising funds. We're talking about doing a block party and getting prizes donated to raffle off and give as prizes for our Karaoke Contest. If you would like to promote a product by donating it for the cause, contact me.

I'm going to enjoy my quiet time now.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wine Charm-less

I know I personally have a couple dozen wine charms. The cute little charms that go on any stemmed glass wear to "personalize" your glass. A little decoration that differentiates your glass from everyone else's at the party. They don't get as much use as I thought they would, but the kids love to play with them. I think they've gotten more use on our Margarita glasses then on the Wine Glasses.
I like things that are different. I like things that are fun. I LOVE wine. I was very excited when I came across HuePhoria. They create hand-blown, hand-painted, stemware that is dishwasher safe and fun for every occasion, or no occasion at all. Leave your wine charms in the drawer (or the kids toy box) and serve your guests beverages in these unique Wine and Martini Glasses.

These glasses are sure to be the topic of conversation at any get together. There are over 40 different designs to choose from, so whether you're looking for holiday, animal, golf or earth patterns, you are sure to find one for all the wine enthusiasts in your life. They will also make a great gift for a house warming, wedding, or Christmas. Why not Have a Ball?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

To My Friends with College Bound Kids ~ Are You Ready?


*This post is sponsored by Sears. All opinions are mine.

As Summer winds down, we are getting ready to send Boogie, our oldest, to 1st grade. We are shopping for a new backpack, crayons, pencils, paper and glue stix. Grandma enjoys taking him for new clothes and shoes. I can't imagine what my friends with college bound kids are going through. I have one friend who is getting ready to send her twin girls off to the University of Michigan, on full academic scholarships, and I'm sure amidst all the shopping and preparations, she is trying to spend as much quality time with the girls before sending them away from home to start their adult could have been me. This is a classmate of mine. A friend I've known since 7th grade, a friend I re-acquainted with at our 20 year class reunion and continued keeping up with through facebook. It amazes me how different our lives are. It's encouraging to know I always have someone who's "already been through it". I think of her often and wonder how I will handle this transition when the time comes.

Sears is doing everything possible to make this summer an easy transition for parents in the same situation. While they can't help with the "empty nest" anxiety parents are feeling, they have set up CampusReady to insure the shopping is quick and stress free, so parents can enjoy the last moments with their kids before sending them off into the world.

The site is easy to maneuver and contains checklists with all the necessities for outfitting a dorm room OR first apartment. I love their decorating ideas and they've made it easy to find accessories to match. With everything from financial tips to must have clothing, Sears has left nothing out in getting your child prepared to leave home. I really like the "shop by need" category that is broken down into 5 categories; eating, sleeping, studying, playing and cleaning. It allows parents and students to find everything with a simple click. With tips from Ty Pennington throughout the site, it's your one stop before school starts and the rest of the time can be spent enjoying the adults you've raised. They have also partnered with Upromise and are giving away $25,000 towards tuition.(see site for full details)

With a re-loadable gift cards. you can send your child off to school with the tools they need and some extra money to get anything that might have been missed or left behind. They've even added CampusReady on Facebook for the ease of students (and parents) who enjoy connecting through this site.

It will be a long time (though I'm sure it will feel like a blink) before we are sending our kids off to college, I can only hope that tools like this are available to make the transition as easy and fun as Sears has made it for parents and college-bound kids today.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Any Big Brother Fans?

I must say that I've watched Big Brother, on and off, since the original season. I'm not sure what it is about this voyeuristic show that keeps me coming back. It's just interesting to watch how others handle the stress of being "on the block" and the things they do to get themselves "saved" that intrigues me. It's people-watching at it's best.

So what the heck are the contestants thinking keeping dweeby, back-stabbing Ronnie around? He claims to be a master debater but I'm NOT impressed. He sulks and then gets cocky? This boy has got to go. Someone please step up to the plate and get rid of him. Put him up with Jesse or Chima (who also gets on my last nerve) and let's get them out!

I'm also hoping that the secret power goes to Jeff. I'm also waiting to see if Russell is true to his word. Let me know if you're watching.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Trader's Hub Updated Droplist

Big Daddy Richard has done another update to his (our, for those of us who use it) droplist. Weeding out non0reciprocal droppers and skimming the list down to 266 to leave room for us to drop on new blogs that venture to drop on us. Feel free to copy/and use the list for your own dropping.

My Entrecard Drop List
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1. Traders' Hub

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