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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Great Friends, Food and Wine

We had another Girls Night In last night. We've changed up our program a little. In the past we have all made a dish, either entree, salad (side), or dessert, and the fourth person was in charge of beverages. After last months dinner out, we decided that it would be fun to cook together. Kathy, our food coordinator, was nice enough to look up recipes that were 30 minutes or less. She sent (e-mailed) each of us a list of ingredients to bring and we took over the kitchen at Becky's house and made a fabulous meal.

Upon arrival, we all poured a glass of wine. A selection of white, red and blush was available to choose from.

We were then given the specific directions for each of our meals and started the cooking. Kathy brought portabella caps stuffed with sausage, cream cheese and rotelle tomatoes that only needed to be heated. We enjoyed these while we cooked the rest of the meal. Beth was in charge of the salad which consisted of romaine lettuce, bacon, chopped walnuts, onion and bleu cheese crumbles topped with a warm bacon and brown sugar vinaigrette. The dressing overcooked a little while we focused on other things (like drinking and laughing) but we found that a little sauvignon blanc was all it needed to thin it out.

I was in charge of the entree.
We had pan seared chicken breasts, liberally seasoned with a mixture of garlic, onion, pepper, and oregano and then topped with thin slices of Camembert cheese. The chicken was succulent and tasty. The Camembert was mild enough so as not to overpower the flavor of the chicken but instead complimented it.

The conversation was wonderful. Adult time! Women time! Mommy time! We talked about everything from dieting, exercise,and weight loss pills to kids, husbands and sex.

We had so much fun! This will be a new monthly post. We (I) will share our meals. Tell you what worked and what didn't, and share some great new recipes and wines.

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