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Friday, August 14, 2009

Plan Toys Activity Bus ~ Review

What makes a good toy?

Plan Toys, makers of safe, green toys, sent us this Activity Bus through a toy website called ebeanstalk. Ebeanstalk has toy experts and moms that find great learning toys and baby toys through a toy testing program. We are part of that test group and are excited to share our findings with you.

The kids had been waiting patiently for the package to arrive. When we opened the box we saw this.

We opened the box and were pleased to see this sturdy school bus with built-in classroom. Boogie (age 6) was a little disappointed, he felt it was a toy for babies, but Puddin Pop (age 3) jumped right in and started playing. She played with this bus and it's people for over an hour right out of the box. She never even moved it off the kitchen table where we opened it.

As a parent, I'm impressed with the quality of this toy. It's wooden and crafted with opening doors, wheels that roll, little desks for the students, books (wooden) for the book shelves and a map board. Very simple pieces that encourage imaginative play with room to expand. By the time PP was finished, the bus had been a school bus, and Ice cream truck, and an ambulance. All the pieces fit securely back in the bus to avoid losing them.

Plan Toys are made from non-toxic, natural materials and abide by their own strict safety regulations to insure toys are safe for each age level.

I enjoyed watching and listening to PP's creative play with this toy and would encourage any parent to purchase this product for their child in the 2-4 age group. The box recommends ages 3+, but with supervision I think kids a little younger would find this bus fascinating, and as a parent you could encourage role playing and get the conversations going with your child to promote creative play.

My favorite part of this toy

How cute are these? With bendy arms and legs, the possibilities are endless. These are some of the more creative "people" I have seen and I think they are just adorable.

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  1. Very nice, reminds me of something I had for my daughter wayyyyyyyy back in the dark ages. Sometimes I think many of today's toys are too elaborate and don't give kids the opportunity to use their own imagination. I think from memory the toy I'm remember was a fisher price wooden bus with wooden people?

    Adorable little people.



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