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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Smoking Loon Viognier ~ Wine Review

Holy smokes it's 98 degrees. We've actually been pretty lucky this summer with the heat as this is one of the hottest days all summer. As I drove home from work, ready for an adult beverage, I couldn't imagine drinking anything remotely close to room temperature, so I chose on e of the few whites in my collection, A Smoking Loon Viognier. I think this may be the first Viognier I've tasted, as I usually prefer Chardonnay in the heat.

Wine Taster's Notes~

Medium straw color with seductive floral aromas of
narcissus and jasmine. The palate is ripe with apricot,
white peach and guava nectar, while the honeyed finish
includes a kiss of clove spice.

My Notes~

Color~ It has a nice golden hue reminicent of my lovely Chards.

Aroma~ Very floral with hints of apple and peach. I don't get the smooth buttery scent of my usual whites.

Taste~ Ripe melon, apricot and peach with almost no after taste.

Vision~ Definitely a boat drink. This drink takes me back to our Caribbean cruise and lounging by the pool. It would be good on any boat, out on the water, relaxing and enjoying the view.

This was one of the discounted bottles from the local grocery store that we purchased for $4.74. It ranges from $9-$13 depending on where you are.

Try some for yourself.

I would gladly purchase this again to enjoy with some nice summer fare or with a nice spicy dish.

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