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Friday, August 14, 2009

The Medicine Dilemma

I've spent the last two days feeling quite ill and the circumstance was made worse by the constant nagging from Hubster and his parents to take the prescription antibiotics prescribed to them. First of all, I'm not big on medicines to begin with. Sure, I'll take over-the-counter meds to mask the symptoms of colds and flu to be able to function and take care of my responsibilities, but I know masking is all they are doing and it will catch up to me soon enough.

Hubster started feeling ill on Tuesday and after having a conversation with his Mom, was convinced he had the same thing she had on Monday. She had apparently called her doctor, told the nurse her symptoms, and without being seen, was prescribed and antibiotic. When Hubster started feeling ill, she brought over some of her meds and insisted he would feel better if he took them. He also called the (same) Doctor, told the nurse his symptoms and was called in the same prescription.

Of course when I started feeling sick on Wednesday, everyone was sure it was the same thing and encouraged me to take Hubby's prescription. Ummm...NO. I really don't like the idea of taking meds prescribed to others, even if my symptoms are the same. They offered to call the doctors office (a doctor I've never been seen by) and were sure they could get the same prescription called in for me, since you should take it for the full ten days to make sure it gets rid of any bacteria lingering in your system after symptoms are gone. Am I the only one who thinks this is crazy? Why would I want a doctor I've never been to call me in a prescription for a condition that hasn't even been diagnosed? After being badgered for 2 days by Hubster and the In-laws I finally told ALL of them that I appreciated the offer, I wasn't going to take prescription medication prescribed to someone else, and to please stop asking me too. I think they finally got it.

Let it also be noted that this prescription is from the same doctor who over prescribed Ultram to Hubster causing him to have two seizures and a battery of tests before they figured it out last year.
Do you take medicines prescribed to others? Would you take medicine prescibed by a doctor who has never seen you and whom you don't trust?

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