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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Eating Right Kids, Part 2

As a member of WB's Word of mouth team on the Looney Tunes/Safeway Eating Right Kids project, I will be participating, along with Momlogic and other bloggers, in a series of posts on getting kids to eat healthier. I will share what I do, and link to other posts with more tips and suggestions.

Looney Tunes Eating Right Kids

Overview of Looney Tunes Eating Right Kids Program:
Warner Bros. Consumer Products and Safeway, Inc. have teamed up to create a better-for-you line of food products for children, uniting flavor and nutrition with the iconic Looney Tunes characters. The line includes categories such as breakfast foods, portable meals, dairy, snacks and beverages. Each product will feature such world-renowned Looney Tunes characters as Bugs Bunny, Tweety, Taz, Sylvester, Wile E. Coyote, Roadrunner, Marvin the Martian and Daffy Duck, who serve as ‘Mother’s Helper,’ making it easy for moms to spot better-for-you food and beverage items for their kids that taste great.

Statistics on Childhood Obesity:

Obesity is a growing problem among our children nationwide, which, if not addressed, can lead to severe health issues in adulthood. As parents, teaching healthy eating habits and educating our children on how to choose to eat healthy is one of the best habits you can instill in your kids.

o According to a 2009 study, almost 1 in 5 American 4-year-olds is obese – that’s more than half a million 4-year-olds.
o The number of overweight and obese children (10 to 17 years old) is at or above 30 percent in 30 states.
o Research has also shown that overweight and obese children generally go on to become obese adults, with all the chronic, weight-related health issues that involves, such as heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

About Warner Bros. / Safeway program:
Warner Bros. Consumer Products has partnered exclusively with Safeway to offer better eating choices for kids: the Eating Right Kids food and beverage line that features the beloved Looney Tunes characters.
o The line is an offshoot of Safeway’s Eating Right line for adults. Warner Bros. Consumer Products’ and Safeway’s Eating Right Kids initiative was highlighted by the Federal Trade Commission for its ability to have a positive impact on childhood obesity.
o The Eating Right Kids Food Line featuring the Looney Tunes Characters offer more than 60 items across 18 categories including breakfast foods, produce, portable meals, dairy, snacks, beverages and frozen entrees. The line is available at more than 1700 Safeway locations throughout the U.S. and Canada.
o The Eating Right Kids line featuring the Looney Tunes Characters available at Safeway stores has been formulated to standards based on the most recent dietary recommendations and regulations from several federal and state agencies.
Looney Tunes Eat Right Kids Program is featured on starting August 24th and will feature an Eating Right blog from Haylie Pomroy to showcase healthy recipes, expert tips and the Looney Tunes Eating Right product recommendation to help moms save prep time when creating healthy menus and school lunches.

This weeks topic:

How do you teach your kids about healthy eating choices? What works best for your family?

We talk to the kids about what foods make a body strong, what gives them energy to run and play, and what gives them instant energy, but then causes them to "crash" (like candy). I do not prohibit my kids from eating junk food, but it comes in moderation.
Starting out as a picky eater, my son (age 6) is trying new things each day. I do not force him to eat anything he doesn't like, and I think this helps in getting him to at least try new things. We keep plenty of fruit on hand for snack times and keep them where the kids can help themselves. I also usually have carrots and ranch on hand for my son.
We take seasonal trips to local orchards for strawberry and blueberry picking, making it a group event. We meet up with other Mom's and kids and have a picnic after our work is done. The kids love picking their own fruit and I believe it makes it even more enjoyable for them to eat.

For me the most important thing is to be flexible, creative, and never give up on preparing new and exciting combinations for the kids to enjoy. Hubster is a very picky eater, but over time has realized he likes things he swore he didn't...for more than 30 years. If I want my kids to eat fish and the first recipe doesn't work, I look for other recipes and keep trying until we find something that works. We have salmon patties quite often and Puddin Pop refused to eat them until one night when I had her make them with me. Now we always make them together and she always eats 2 or 3. I love to eat and try new things and fortunately my daughter (age 3) is pretty much the same. Sometimes I will make her something that she doesn't think looks good. Take that same meal and heat it up the following day for myself for lunch...she'll ask for a bite and run off with my plate. I now anticipate this and will heat up stuff for her and pretend it's for me.
What do you do? What challenges have you faced?
Haylie Pomroy will be answering nutrition questions over at Momlogic so go and get your questions in.

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