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Monday, October 26, 2009

Girl's Night In~ Mexican Fiesta

Another Fabulous Girls Night In was had by our group of four. This month's theme was Mexican Fair. It went over so well some were requesting it again for next month.

If you're new as to how we do this. I get together with three friends in our cul-de-sac. We have drinks and prepare food from a list of ingredients we all bring. The recipes are delivered ahead of time and everyone shops for either the entree, appetizer, side dish or beverage list. Then we get together (minus husbands and kids) and enjoy an evening of drinking, cooking, eating and talking. The entire event takes place in the kitchen and around the table and usually lasts about 4 hours. It's a great mini-get-away.

We started with Texatini's. Think Margarita meets Martini. Super yummy garnished with lime and jalapeno stuffed olives. I must say that olives soaked in margarita is a delicious treat. I couldn't stop at just one...or three. I think I ate everyone's olives.

We had a chorizo sausage and mushroom cheese dip with some chips as an appetizer. While it was delicious and the recipe called for chunks of sausage, I think it would be better and easier to serve up if the sausage was ground. But that's just me.

For our entree I dipped into my old bag of tricks (read: restaurant recipes)and preparred Twice grilled BBQ burritos. These are of Chi-Chi's fame and were a big hit. So good we forgot to take pictures until we were half way through...oops.

I'm going to start posting the recipes to my Recipe Swap FB page. If you are on Facebook and want to join, send a request and just say you came from Wine at Five. It is currently a closed group so we get participation from members and not just lurkers.

The conversation was fun as well. You know how these things go. We start with the usual pleasantries...How the kids are doing in school, who's been sick and with what, what we're up to, who's diet is working, what's a good natural acne treatment...that kinda stuff. By the end of the meal, it's less about the kids and more about us. Sex, who's having it and how often, who's had their yearly mammogram and how'd it go, tattoos, who has them and who would's pretty much "anything goes" by the end of dinner.

I left this one completely stuffed...uncomfortably so...but...

I look forward to our next Girls Night In even more.

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